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4.17.08, 5:05 AM
The world as we know it! My hendrick takeover has been completed. GASP! I was happy to see Jimmie Johnson win. Do you think it's too late for an intervention? lol
It started out as me just being happy that it wasn't going to be the DEI #8 car winning, but then something shocking happened, I was glad that a hendrick driver had won and even glad that it was JJ.
Sigh. I'm afraid they've got me. I knew I would root for Gordon, he's my son's fave driver and now that we're teammates I knew I would root for him, but even my son thinks I'm crazy to be happy about Johnson winning. lol
Don't worry I still won't be offended if you need to bash and or vent about the hendrick drivers. :-) and I vow not to come here and woo hoo over anyone but Jr! lol!

4.19.08, 5:51 PM
Tigger I wonder if there is something you could take for that problem....lol.
My hubby has not gotten to that point yet. Speaking of Hendrick my brother (who works with racing told me something WILD today!) I am gonna make it a separate post but I could not believe my ears!!!!

4.20.08, 1:20 AM
Well at least you're still talking to me! lol I think Shortness has stopped speaking to me! j/k
I seriously couldn't believe that I was smiling over a Jimmie Johnson win, but there it was, a smile right on my lips! I even went to the mirror to make sure it was actually on my face, and sure enough, there it was! I may need to call JJ anonymous or something. This is just insane! lol Pray for me to be delivered from this! LOL!

4.20.08, 4:45 PM
i haven't stopped speaking to you yet tigger. i'm just still researching which 12-step program to enroll you in! LOL!

4.21.08, 1:20 AM
Whew! Help us on the way! Lol I knew my nascar buddies wouldn't let me down!