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6.5.07, 3:02 PM
Yes, I believe I did make up a new word there. Possibly Italian? Been watching travel shows and my sub-conscious may actually believe I'm from Italy. Even though I haven't reported in since 3/20 according to the time meter at the top of this page (kewl!) it seems like it was only a few weeks ago......and look at the changes. OMG! I have to learn a new format? I used to be adaptable.....I even liked the challenge of learning new things. That was when I was YOUNGER and it wasn't so DIFFICULT! Oh well, I can do this. I can do this, I can do this. I think I may learn to like it. First thing I discoveredd was I could change my avater, or whatever it's called, and being the immature individual I am....I had to toss in my favorite cartoon characters.

Where have I been you ask? Well, it's spring....almost summer....and it's been very busy. Had company and as soon as they left we trekked off to Chicago to visiit family. To those of you in the area that I was really hoping to hook up with, the stay was shorter than we planned so didn't get a chance to. We traveled on to Kansas City to oldest grand-daughters college graduation. One moment to brag.....she received her Masters with a degree in Organismal Biology. No, I'm not sure what that is, only that it takes someone a lot smarter than me to not only pronounce it, but to actually plan a career around it.

We were home one day when more company came for a weeks visit. By then, the month of May was pretty much a wash-out for us because we didn't have any of our spring yard stuff done do to all of the above and bad weather. So, finally this week.....guess what we're doing? Late, but getting it done.

Hope this new format isn't keeping y'all away. We have gobs of topics to discuss and catch up on. What is everyone doing so far with your summer? Does anyone remember me?

Ta ta! TT

6.5.07, 3:29 PM
Well Hello TT,
So good to have you show up. I like your new word, I can even pronounce it. I like the new format here. At first I didn't, change scares me and sometimes I let things intimadate(sp) me. But I did manage to do trial and error things. I like seeing several posts on the same page. I did go back and put the newest post last---easier for me.

Well, I have all my garden done, just have to water. It did rain Sat. but not enough. This year I added verbena, vinias' and some blue flowers that I can't think of the name.

Congrats to your granddaughter. I know you all are very proud of her.

Hope to see you and all the other girl back here soon.
:) CJ

Lola Beedow
6.12.07, 11:58 AM
Dropping in to say hello....I remember registering with Coffeerooms years ago, and decided to look at the site for old times' sake. It's changed, and I do like the new look.

No plans for the summer....which is my least favourite season, by the way. Heat and I do not get along. :(

6.12.07, 11:57 PM
Hello Lola,
Nice to have you drop in. I like the new format too.
I'm CJ and I've been posting here a few years, don't remember how long now. There's about 10 or 12 of us that pop in from time to time. Don't know where all the other girls are, maybe busy on vacation or working in the yard. Or maybe hanging out by the pool with the pool guys. Who knows. Anyway stop in sometime and tell us about yourself.

Welcome Lola!

6.13.07, 9:01 PM
'ello CJ!
Glad you have plunged in and are getting familiar with this new format. I haven't peeked around and gotten hands on with enough of the new goodies yet, but I do 'fur sure' like being able to have all the post right here and ready to read.

I bet because of your location you're able to raise beautiful gardens. Our growing season here is rather short so I have to work fast when weather gives me a "go" and hope especially hope to enjoy the fruits of our labor from the veggie garden before the first frost and/or snow. I divided so many of my older perinnials this past week and moved them to other beds I could've just started a whole new garden if one had been dug. Every year I tell myself I'm going to start making my gardening a bit more effortless, but for some reason seem to be going the other way. Hmmmmmmmm.......gotta rethink my thinking.

If we hang around here long enough, perhaps the rest of the gang will start dragging in. I'll try to get here a bit more often now that I have most of the outdoors presentable.

Ta ta! TT

6.13.07, 9:20 PM
Hi there Lola! Nice to "meet" you. My name is Kay and I've been around this board off and on for.......my goodness, I haven't any idea how long! My poor memory cells play nasty games with me so when I say it's probably been about 4 years, more than likely it's only been half that. Anyway, I live in South Dakota with my favorite playmate (also known as my retired hubby.) If you're around long you'll discover I refer to him by any number of names. I have two lovely daughters who combined have gave me 5, even lovelier grandchildren. Hope we can look forward to you becoming an active member of our group Lola! I'm guessing by your spelling of the word 'favourite' you reside in another country, right? I'm not a big fan of heat either, but dislike cold weather even more. We get both here. Sad!

Ta ta! TT (aka Kay)

Lola Beedow
6.18.07, 9:53 AM
Thanks for the nice welcome, TangoTia and CJ!

I live in what I call "The Upper US" -- Canada, hence the spelling difference. I live in Quebec, which I call "Haiti North".
I love that you have nicknames for your hubby, Kay; dh and I have nicknames for each other, our pet birds, and most of the locals around here! We even nickname some of our appliances; our old fridge is "The Beast", for example. We used to have a stove that we called "The Mangler" (after a Stephen King novel).

I am a bio-mom; I gave up my children for adoption after they were born. Our children are our birds; at the moment we have four birds. We have two female budgies, one male African Green Singer finch and one pesky male tomato-faced lovebird. All our birds are rescues save for our lovebird. We got him from a breeder.

I find that I can tolerate cold weather more than I can the heat. Maybe it's because we can bundle up when it's cold, add extra blankets to our beds, etc. Since I've hit middle-age (gasp!) I find that the heat bothers me more than ever. If I lived near a clean body of water I wouldn't complain at all. The St. Lawrence River is about a four minutes walk down our street but I wouldn't set foot in that water -- my foot might not come out if I did!

When The Chief is ready to retire, we will relocate to Northern Ontario. We are both Ontario-born, anyway.

I don't work outside the home (and I try not to do much work inside it!) Some people would consider my life to be a bit on the boring side, but I enjoy my rut and I don't like too much excitement in my life.

About the most exciting thing I do is drink a few beers (I'm Canadian, eh, and we Canucks like our beer) on the weekend and watch music videos on YouTube. The Chief drinks a few beers and watches movies. We also walk a great deal, together and separately.

I'll have to tell you about my Wednesday morning jaunts in another post -- look how long this post is already!

6.21.07, 5:40 PM
Heyyyyyy, another Canuck! Welcome Lola. We have another Canadian member that drops in occasionally. I think the summer is keeping lots of our party friends away because the board has been scary quiet. You'll enjoy them if they ever start shuffling back in 'cause they're a zany group.

I'm quite curious about your Wednesday morning jaunts, so spill the beans. No such thing as a post too long around here. In fact, some of us (like me) can get quite gabby and I'm sure have set some new records for post lengths.

I'm also a stay-at-home and enjoy my lifestyle. Our kids think we're becoming too reclusive, but frankly....my buddy and I enjoy each other's company and entertaining one another. After 44 yrs. together we just sit and read each others minds and laugh out loud. Don't even have to clutter the air with a lot of words.

Do your birds have names? I can't help but think something like a tomatoe-faced lovebird HAS to have a very interesting moniker! Great that you have rescued them. We once had a bird some friends that were moving gave to us. We think it was a closet alcoholic 'cause it would go nuts whenever it saw us drinking a glass of wine.

You have a very entertaining way of writing Lola. Hope we see you around her lots!

Ta ta! TT (or Kay)

Lola Beedow
6.22.07, 2:12 PM
People do tend to find other things to do during the summer, don't they, rather than spend a lot of time on the computer, because our summers are so short. As someone who doesn't like summer, though, this season doesn't affect me.

It's "Fete Nationale" here in Haiti North this weekend, so I imagine there will be many parties as well as the parade downtown.

Our tomato-faced bird's name is Mott The Hoople. One of our female rescue budgies is Annie Wilkes-Cage and the other one is called Spawn. Our little finch's name is Pippin Piper.

When I was a kid, we had a female budgie named Candy. She had a white head and she flew to my mother's glass of red wine during supper one evening. She literally dunked her entire head into the wine -- she had a pink head for a week! I wonder if she wasn't a closet alcoholic like your bird might have been?!

On Wednesday mornings, I do the rounds of the garbage. You might be surprised, but you'd be doubly surprised if you knew about some of the items that I've found (and later sold). I'm not alone, either. I see other 'squirrels' as garbage pickers are referred to here as, though they're always men. I know a couple of them and they are friendly with me, but not so warm to people who don't indulge in our pastime.:)

When I first met The Chief, he couldn't believe some of the things that I'd found. He knows now, though.

Long live us Canucks -- it'll be 'our' birthday soon, too!
I'm glad that I found this board -- and I hope to get to know you and everyone else here a lot better...

6.30.07, 4:52 PM
First my laptop gets this horrible virus; then I can't transfer my programs to my new one and now when I finally refound this place, it's all changed!!! I HATE change. The older I get the more I hate it - cripes I'm crabby.

Well I'm going to try and figure out how to make this dang print bigger so I can read it and then I'm going to have to learn how to get around here.

eldri who is totally lost

6.30.07, 9:13 PM
My friend, my buddy.....I've missed you! I've missed everyone! Well, CJ has been around, Penny welcomed the world and Lola from Canada has stopped by and is quiet interesting, as I'm sure you know if you've read her post. I'm sorry you had a virus, glad you got rid of it and hope you can make up for lost time.

Now, you know this is just a wee little challenge for you, which you should love since you took on being a new mother again at your...cough, cough....age. Which is very youthful to be sure! I've been out and about and checking out different spaces in the "coffeerooms" that I've never seen before. Quite easy to navigate and exciting to explore. So, stop being crabby and take a "stroll."

So....how do your gardens grow? Any new flowers you're trying out? Love seeing you here Eldri!

Ta ta! TT

7.2.07, 9:23 PM
Well hello EZ. So nice of you to come home, lol. I love the picture in your sign.

I haven't been in too much lately since I went back to work. You know after being out for two years I'm sore all over. Its getting better as the days so by. Tub of warm salt water was a big help the first day. I hate standing in one place. I like to be moving around. Anyway its a little extra spending money for me to blow, ha!

I didn't like this change either at first but now I'm getting used to it. Just stroll around and try things, I'm sure you'll catch on like the rest of us did.

Welcome back and hope to chat with you some.
:) CJ