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4.16.08, 7:57 PM
Hope you all are remembering to take your fish oil supplements everyday!
Study after study and mounds of clinical and anecdotal data says that fish oil supplements, taken regularly, will mitigate the effects of lupus. Fish oil supplement benefits for lupus have been studied in clinical and academic conditions and every one of them indicates that fish oil supplements work.
For every lupus symptom or indicator from general fatique to vascular and/or nerve damage to renal nehpritis, regular dietary supplements of fish oil have been shown to have some level of positive effect.
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) or "@#$%& lupus" is a disorder of the immune system, where the body harms its own healthy cells and tissues. The body tissues become damaged causing painful or swollen joints, mysterious fever, skin rashes, kidney problems, complications to the cardiovascular and nervous systems and constant, wearying fatigue.
Fish oil supplements contain what are called "long-chained polyunsaturated fatty acids" (ummm; good!) which are essential for everyone's normal growth and development but which also have anti-inflammatory and anti-autoimmune properties, both of which are important for lupus patients.
So, seriously people; Remember to Take Your Fish Oil!

More... (http://www.Coffeerooms.com/lupus/2008/04/fish_oil_remind.html)

4.17.08, 4:26 PM
sounds like it's good enough for still's as well. Im just so tired of taking pills after pills though...course Im tired of the pain too! LOL

4.20.08, 10:44 AM
Hi paxie and Annie! I'm new on the forum and have had Lupus since 1990. Actually had it way before then but did not get diagnosed until later years. I have alot of other health issues going on with me and not only did I recently start taking the fish oil but also added in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Zinc. Since taking those I have noticed a change in energy. And yes! I agree about sick of taking pills. Seems like the older you get the more pills you end up having to take. The price we have to pay for having lupus!

4.20.08, 8:19 PM
Hi Andi, and welcome. I'm awful about taking all my meds. I'm not sure why, just stubborn I guess. I get to the point where one more pill to swallow is too much. But I've read several of the studies on fish oil and it sounds like it could really be a help. I'm a skeptic by nature but am trying to remember to take it every day... the recommendation is for what amounts to 3 a day, spread out. I haven't managed that yet. Oh, and like most everything else, it takes 3 to 6 months before you notice anything. Patience... sigh.