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4.16.08, 6:57 PM
On April 15, 2008 the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota announced that a new Mayo Clinic study found that young-onset dementia often is caused by neurodegenerative or autoimmune/inflammatory conditions, but only rarely by Alzheimer's disease. This differs substantially from the common causes of dementia in older individuals (Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative dementias).
The study findings were presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL on April 15.
Dementia represents a progressive decline in a person's cognitive function that affects the ability to think, speak, reason, remember and move. The most common forms of dementia are Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia and Lewy body dementia. Young-onset dementia is dementia developed prior to age 45. This occurs in approximately 12 in 100,000 people.

More... (http://www.Coffeerooms.com/lupus/2008/04/youngonset_deme.html)

4.17.08, 3:28 PM
Lovely.,.. just one more thing to add to the list of things not so great about auto-immune diseases.

So...brain-fog... can that just be apart of it and eventually it will get so bad it's dementia?

4.20.08, 9:49 AM
One of the first things I noticed with Lupus was the nasty Brain Fog I got! Boy can I do some stupid things having this disease. Like sticking an ashtray with a burning cigarette in the refrigerator and then go around searching for hours trying to find it to later see where I placed it and can't figure out how it got there!

4.20.08, 7:11 PM
I wonder where the line is, dx-wise, between just plain old brain fog and dementia. Half the time, I feel like I'm walking around in a time bomb body, wondering what it's going to do next. One of the meds I take, Neurontin, makes the fog much, much worse. I take it primarily for CNS symptoms and it's a flexible dosage... bad days I take more than better days. But on the bad days, I really notice the change in my thinking. Yet another case of the "cure" being almost as bad as the disease.

4.21.08, 12:06 AM
yup sigh.

I noticed that I have been more clear of mind when I started drinking a particular tea (yerba mate) and adding cinamomin & honey to it...not sure if it's the combo or one thing...A friend of mine recommended it because she too had bad brain fogs (fibromyalgia) and it helped her... course it helped her to lose weight but hasnt done that for me. blah.