View Full Version : All Better for Wednesday

4.16.08, 7:01 AM
Hi all. Here's hoping all the hayfever, toothaches, etc, have eased up. My aches and pains have gotten a lot better since I had my reflexology and am actually managing to sleep the entire night without any backaches. Feel a lot better and happier these days.
Today is another lovely sunny day and I still haven't mowed the lawn (supposed to do that yesterday but got lazy). Will have to do later today when heat is gone.
Anyway, have to go do a bit of work now, will post again later.
Take care all.

4.16.08, 10:05 AM
Hi there Lynjay..have a good day. Hope mowing the lawn doesn't cause hayfever for you. I'm somewhat better today..so far. I wake up coughing and blowing my nose due to the drainage..but after I'm up and moving..I'm better. I'm taking benadryl to dry it up. Julie..how's the tooth today? I leave for work soon..so see you all later. Have a good Wednesday!