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4.15.08, 2:49 PM
is it me or does she look haggered? The close ups they did on the restaurant scene weren't really that complimentry of her. Not to be mean, but...she didnt look like her old self, she looked really aged.

5.15.08, 7:47 PM
The problem I have with Nicole now is that she's always acting silly, like she did when she had drunk scenes before. Only now, she's always acting drunk.:rolleyez: Does she have any other mode?

5.18.08, 4:02 PM
ITA. And it's easier to start disliking EJ now that he's all over her, especially when he's proclaiming his love for Sammy. Right.

5.21.08, 1:16 PM
The problem I have with this Nicole is it's re-writen history. When she left the show they said she had; (1) turned her life around, (2) married an actor from a soap opera and (3) was pregnet with her first child. I remember hearing that. Now they are saying she has been married to Victor the whole time and is just a much of a tramp as ever. I don't like that.

5.21.08, 8:10 PM
ooh I wasnt watching it at that point, thanks for sharing.