View Full Version : Tuesday in Africa

4.15.08, 8:27 AM
Hi all. Beautiful day here today. Skies are brilliant blue and sun is shining. Looking forward to winter tho, always love bundling up, downside is having to get up in the morning in the dark to take kids to school. Only gets light about 7am here in winter. Must say I prefer the cool weather anyway.
Thinking of you Dragonmom as I have to mow the lawn this afternoon, hope your chest feeling better. My daughter suffers from Asthma and hayfever, she also has dreadful days with mown lawns, flowers, etc. Anyway, get well soon.
Any idea how Julie is getting on? Hope all well with her.
Wishing you all a lovely bright Tuesday. Take care.:D

4.15.08, 9:18 AM
Hi there! So winter is when our summer is I guess huh? We are having spring like weather..with summer not far behind. Especially in Louisiana..we have long,humid summers! So your daughter suffers from hayfever and asthma huh? When I was younger..I didn't suffer this much..uggh. I've been taking benadryl. Seems to be helping. I still have some drainage and throat hurts some from all of that..but in time, I'll get better.

4.15.08, 2:05 PM
Sounds beautiful in Africa right now. We are having nice weather here but it's very windy so that doesn't make it pleasant as it could be. I'm doing fine. I'm on my friends computer for now so will be posting now and then and checking in. I hope to get things settled and caught up in a few months hopefully. Take care!:winkq:

Dragsy sorry to hear your having problems with them allergies again. I think I'm going to have to break down and go see my Dr. about my tooth. Cause it's not getting any better! Wish me luck! :)

4.15.08, 4:19 PM
Julie..sorry you are still having problems with that tooth. See a dentist soon. I think I'm gonna lie down for a while...this sinus mess is dragging me down. Want you to know I've lost 4.2 lbs this week on Weight Watchers! Been on it a week now. I'm so happy for the weight loss!! Yay!!