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4.14.08, 4:56 PM
Where are you all?!
I've been away for a while (in France) but where have you been? Whats happening? I'm back here (UK) for a while so I need bringing up to speed! Look forward to hearing all the chat!
Liz x

4.15.08, 12:20 PM
Hi! Good to hear from you... It has been incredibly quiet around here, nary a peep. I had wondered if you were in France exploring your new digs. How is your farm house coming?

I had a wonderful trip to the Dominican Republic in March for a week and it was such a great time. We had a blast, great weather and beautiful, clean surroundings. Never been before but would go again in a heartbeat.

Other than that, my life has been pretty hum drum. Just babysitting my beautiful two grandkids and anxiously awaiting the birth of our third in early June. It will be our son's first child and will be a little boy they are calling Rhys. Hubby ordered a brand spankin new Harley Davidson motorcycle that he will have in about a week or so and he is pretty excited about it, it is good that one of us is! We have never had a motorcycle before and I have a hard time picturing me on the back of one. Time will tell I guess.

Weather is so so here in British Columbia. A few sunny days then rain as usual for April. I am awaiting those sunny days of summer as we don't seem to be getting much of a Spring.

Well, take care and hope others respond too!

4.15.08, 6:35 PM
A Harley - what fun!
When I first left college I worked in a print studio where we printed jackets for Hell's Angel's Chapters. I have a mental picture of you to all dressed up in skull & cross bone leather jackets sitting on your hog! German helmets?!
We have been in France - there is a lot to do on the house before we can move there permanently so we've been organising that. The property market here in the UK is not so good so we may keep our house here for a while longer than planned - anyways I have work till mid June and DD graduates at the end of June so I'm back here till then (maybe an odd weekend or two in France). The weather here is sunny but the wind is still cold. My broad beans (sown outside) are about 4" tall and the onions and spinach are off to a good start.
Great to hear from you - be careful on that bike!
Liz x
PS have you seen/read The Long Way Down/Round by Ewan MacGregor & Charlie Boorman? Epic motorcycle journeys that you'd maybe enjoy.

4.17.08, 11:39 PM
Hi Ladies, I haven't been in here for awhile. Been busy watching reality shows, and of course the lifetime channel.

Was sick for a week or two with the flu/virus.
Had headaches for about 6-8 weeks. Had ct scan, it show nothing serious, it had me scared. Headaches have gotten better. Not as often as before. Started some excerise thearpy and they seem to help.

I am so ready for spring too. We are having cool nights but it warms up during the day. We worked in the yard today. We had some trees cut down last week so now we have lots of little limbs to clean up. Looks like a tornado hit.

Hope you'll are fine. I should get in here more often.
Take care. CJ

4.18.08, 11:09 AM
Hey CJ!
glad you are better now - just in time for spring cleaning! Do you have a wood burner for all those logs?
Take care
Liz x

4.18.08, 11:11 AM
CJ - how are your verbenas?

4.19.08, 12:11 AM
No wood burner, we do have gas log fireplace.
My verbena hasn't come back, they look dead. We went to Home Depot today and I bought 4 tomato plants, 2 bell pepper, 1 hot pepper. Also got 3 snapdragons and 2 petunia.
Next week I'll get a few more things. I do want some impatients. Didn't have those last year and I missed them. They do so good.

So what ya'll got growing in your gardens???


4.21.08, 12:17 PM
Hi ladies; Guess what? We have had snow two out of the last three days~~ can you believe it? We were lucky and didn't get a whole lot sticking (today somewhat, but not much) but places up Island got dumped on. So much for spring planting. We live in a townhouse and I don't do much outdoor planting anyways. We have two permanent beds that have mostly perinnals in them and I do a huge hanging basket for the front with some pots of usually geraniums and stuff and then do two large ceramic pots in the back with a couple of baskets. We moved here 3 years ago but my old house used to look like a flower shop. It was a large lot with lots and lots of beds and toonnns of colour!! Our daughter and hubby bought the house from us and they have taken out everything I had planted but the perinnals and have put in shrubby stuff... even my japanese garden and water feature..., I nearly cried.:( Oh well, too much work for them with a couple of small kids. Anyhoo, it will be awhile before I think of planting my stuff at this rate.

It is nice seeing some action on this board again, we must keep it up. Oh Liz, we do have the DVD's of that book you mentioned but we haven't watched them yet. A friend who also has a Harley loaned them to us and said they were fantastic. They apparently have another one now.

Better run, take care,

4.21.08, 5:59 PM
Hey Penny
no snow here but weather is pants! I'd like to hear about your Dominican Republic trip - sounds exotic! I could use your help working out the garden in France! Its just field at the moment but I have big ideas!! I am a big fan of perenials - I like Verbascum (pastels), Verbena Bonariensis and Auriculas but mostly I kike herbs, fruit and veg. Thats really why we're moving - so we can afford more land. It's too overcrowded and therefore expensive here.
Keep chatting!

4.22.08, 11:43 AM
Hi; Oh, you are going to have so much fun with your land in France, I can just picture it finished. Is your land a totally flat parcel with sun? The only pictures I have in my mind about farmhouses in France are from TV that you see and they look stunning. Do you already speak french or will you be learning? Once you move over will you have internet access or are you too isolated? My, I seem to be full of questions today!! I have never been to Europe but I would love to one day, maybe after we retire. Hubby isn't too large on the idea but maybe by then I could convince him to try it out.

Hubby tests for his motorcycle licence on Wednesday and is nervous because the pass ratio is only 70%. Hopefully all will go well and he will get it. Keep your fingers crossed for him Wednesday am!!

Son and daughter-in-law popped in yesterday and she told me she had an ultra sound and baby is head down ready to go. She is not due officially until June 6 but baby is already measuring almost 7 pounds and 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule. They don't know if her dates are off or they are just going to have a bruiser sized baby! Her first (she was married before) was delivered naturally with NO drugs. Ouch...

Anyway, sunny here today, snow is all gone but still cold. A long way away from planting.

By the way, how is your Father-in-law doing?

Better fly, take care

4.23.08, 4:48 AM
Hi Penny
crikey! sounds like a big baby! Good for baby - ouch for the mum! Good luck to DH with the test! The place we've bought in France is 200 hundred years old (depending on which local you speak to) - it hasn't been lived in for years. Still partly dirt floor! Doors are crumbling etc - not very pretty yet! Its on gently sloping, south facing parcel of land with trees and brilliant views. Its a project! DH speaks French - mine is limited (but still learning) Will have internet connection in Summer (hopefully). Maybe PM you some pics!
Liz x

4.24.08, 12:09 AM
Hi Liz,
Hope your move is successful. Don't forget to send us your new address so maybe we could drop a note or card to you.

Take care, CJ

4.24.08, 4:49 AM
Thanks CJ.
I will most certainly be sending the 'CA inner circle' our French address to invite you over! It will take us a while but when it's renovated we want lots of company!
Liz x

4.25.08, 11:59 AM
Well, hubby passed his motorcycle test with flying colours. He is pretty excited about it as the pass/fail ratio was pretty high. We are expecting to go and pick up the new harley today so guess what he will be doing all weekend?? lol...

My weekend plans are having a seafood feast tonight at my daughter's house and then a garage sale tomorrow also at their house. Sunday is my grandsons third birthday and his party is in the afternoon. Busy weekend. What are everyone else's weekend plans??

Have a great weekend.
Take care, Penny

4.27.08, 6:54 AM
Hey Penny
Great news! Congratulations to Himself!! Enjoy your new bike - what fun. I suspect the birthday boy will be photographed on the saddle of the Harley! We have a beeping course on Saturday and it is DH's birthday today (Sunday!)
Speak soon
Liz x