View Full Version : Good Sunday to all

4.13.08, 11:59 AM
Fighting sinus mess again. Been having the scratch throat..but today woke up all congested and stuff. Terry mowed the grass Monday and Tuesday..and I was out putting some flowers in my flower pots..so I think the grass did it to me..uggh. Popping benadryl now! Hope everyone has a good Sunday. I think Terry and I will go to the movies later on..just to get out of the house. Weather is nice here!

4.13.08, 2:10 PM
Sunday is the best day of the week. What movie are going to see?

4.14.08, 10:33 AM
Went to see Leatherheads. It was cute, funny and a feel good movie. Love George Clooney and hubby loves football so we were both happy!!

4.14.08, 3:20 PM
Hope you feel better today dragonmom. I wanted to see that movie too. But I think that is the one that has Renee Zellweger in it and I can not stand her. I don't know she just rubs me wrong Lol. We rented a couple DVD's and watched August Rush. Now that is a lovely movie. I really enjoyed that one. I don't watch much tv or many movies but that one was really worth it.
Yesterday Christopher was here so it was playtime and we baked a cake and had to put lots of sprinkles on it. He loves sprinkles. It was a chocolate bundt cake and when we were done he said it looks like a giant donut.Lol
Tonight is shopping and get a cup of coffee night with my daughter. We try do do that quite often and really have fun together and we get to talk a lot.
Have a great day!

4.14.08, 5:25 PM
Hey there! This is Monday now...and I'm off work again..yay! I am sure you had fun yesterday coffenut with Christopher! And enjoy your shopping and coffee time with your daughter tonight too! I haven't done much today..just mopped floors and washed some sheets...etc. Just haven't felt up to par. Woke up again early coughing that gunk up out of my throat..and my throat hurts some. I'm taking meds. Hope it doesn't last long.
August Rush was a good movie. We rented it too..I enjoyed it. Yeah..Renee Zellwegger (sp?) is in Leatherheads..but hey, I went to see George!! I think she's alright. Not my favorite actress..but she did ok in this movie.

4.15.08, 2:08 PM
Dragsy and Coffeenut glad to see you both posting! I liked August Rush it's a feel good movie for sure. Also would like to see Leatherheads sometime soon. Glad you got to enjoy it Dragsy. I'm sure it was good. Take care and hope all is well.:)