View Full Version : Mickey Horton

4.10.08, 10:25 PM
So far I'm liking Kevin Dobson's portrayal of Mickey. He seems more on top of things and maybe a little bit devious. He might even win a case this time. LOL! I'd like to see him insert some good old Horton influence into the show. Let's hope they write him well. That last Mickey was an old fart!

4.10.08, 11:01 PM
I missed what ever happened with him and Mimi's Mom...and where has he been all this time??

4.11.08, 12:50 AM
Mickey has been napping with Alice and Ciara...hehe!

I'm liking Kevin Dobson as Mickey. This is a good cast. The last Mickey was older than Alice.:p

4.11.08, 2:51 PM
They never gave him an exit. He just kind of went up into the attic with Laura Horton. Remember her last scene on the show was she was walking upstairs at Jennifer's house. She was never heard from again.

4.12.08, 3:59 PM
Maybe Laura is loooking for Don... who went to mail a letter...

4.15.08, 9:18 PM
I am glad they brought Mickey Back and I love KD. They need to give Mickey a good story line. I am hoping he gets involved in Lucas' case. We need Lucas back post haste.

4.19.08, 1:10 PM
Neil Curtis is still making his rounds at the hospital.