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4.10.08, 9:40 PM
She sent me a brief email...saying she's got a place to live...renting a room from someone..and by August..hopes to have this one bedroom house to rent. I don't know all the details..but apparently it will be available then. She's doing ok with her new job and said she'll email when she can. I'm assuming she was using her friend's computer. She's hoping her landlady will let her use her computer from time to time, too.

4.11.08, 2:33 AM
Hi there. This is really good news. Bet she feels a lot happier now. Send my regards when you hear from her again.:D

Just got back from Cape Town. Was really nice although was only 4 days, but great getting to see my sister and friends again. It's a long drive (1000km), but was worth it. Getting organised to send kids back to school on Monday and back to life as usual. Hope you and your family keeping well.
Take care and have a good day.

4.11.08, 7:28 AM
How far is km in miles? Glad you had a nice visit lynne! Always nice to get away like that. I leave for work soon so have to make this one brief. Have a great day everyone!

4.11.08, 7:13 PM
I am using my friends computer at her house! Yay! So now I can chat again some times. Etc. She is so sweet! I'm over here right now visiting so I thought I would pop on and post a little bit. So feel free to post to me again OK? Love being back online I missed it so much! Take care! :blush2ey:

4.11.08, 8:58 PM
Hey..You asked me to send you the address to the boards..glad you remembered this one. Good to see you here! When's your days off Julie?

4.12.08, 4:54 AM
Hi Julie. Great to hear you sounding so happy again. Hope your new job is good for you. What are you doing there and where are you living now? Also, what happened about your car? Have been away while all your news has happened and would love to hear about it all.
Dragonmom, sorry have no idea about miles and km, but it a ten hour drive which is quite tiring, but very pretty, which helps the boredom.
I am involved in a fundraiser next weekend which is a lady's tea day. Have to invite 8 ladies to my table and decorate, serve tea & eats. There will be a fashion show and a talk by a Health Guru which should be interesting. Am busy now thinking of how to decorate my table, want to do a Zimbabwean theme, hope it will be pretty and the ladies enjoy. The money we raise goes towards the school. Not really up my alley, but sure it will be fun. Will take photo and post for you guys to see (only if it looks good tho, haha).
Have a great weekend all and look forward to hearing some more of your news.

4.12.08, 9:21 PM
Hey Lynne..the tea day sounds neat. I"m sure the decorations will look great..better take some pics! Oh..a ten hour drive..ok..gotcha!! A long drive then!! Wow. Julie...we miss you on here! BTW..she has more access to the computer at the moment. She's going to a friend's house..and using it while her friend is at work. She's letting her do that..that's nice huh?

4.15.08, 2:13 PM
Lynjay I was working for Tiger mart here in Rawlins. But then they let me go. So now I'm unemployed tell Friday when I start working for Blockbuster again. It's only part time so will keep looking. I am presently staying with a lady and renting just a room. But she is a little bit eccentric. So looking to find something better soon if I can cause she expects me to stay in my room most of the time when I'm home etc. so that isn't any fun. Any ways I am hoping to get an animal control officers job here soon once I get a few things cleared up. I am presently without transportation as my vehicle is totaled out and insurance company hasn't done anything about it yet. Because they are waiting on the police report yet. Well I hope to get wheels soon. And yes I'm using my friends computer when she is at work. She allows it which is very sweet of her. Well take care! :winkq:

4.15.08, 4:22 PM
So Julie..you are going back to Block Buster on Friday? Hey..that's something! Yay! Sorry the lady you are renting a room from is a bit eccentric...that's not good. I hope something better works out real soon..and I'm still praying about your transportation situation. Hope they settle on your truck soon..get all that over with.

4.16.08, 5:51 AM
Hi Julie. Good to hear you back. Sounds like you've been through quite a rough patch lately. Thank goodness you have friends close by to lend support. Landlady sounds quite different, must be a real pain having to stay in your room all the time. Sure you will find somewhere better to live soon.
I know what it's like waiting on insurance companies also, they can take their time when it's their turn to pay up, don't they? Unfortunately it's impossible toget them to hurry things up. Anyway, it'll all come together in the end.
Take care and my prayers are with you.