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6.4.07, 1:07 PM
These are from www.weloveatwt.com (http://www.weloveatwt.com):

With the wedding approaching, Emma tells Meg not to marry Craig unless she's in love. Armed with her mother's wisdom, will Meg back out of the marriage or will she still go through with it? Could Meg actually feel more for Craig than she's letting on or does her heart still only belong to Paul?
Across town, Jack finds Carly drunk and passed out on the couch. What brought Carly to this point? What will Jack think and just where are the kids?
Over at the TV station, Kim reprimands Katie for having an after hours tryst in her office. Who does Katie get it on with in the studio? Since they've been so cozy lately, we have a feeling it might be Jack, but how does Kim find out about it? Moreover, how much hot water is the perky host in?
Across town, Faith sees Parker with another girl. Does this mean he doesn't want Faith as his girlfriend? Could be, but either way, how will Faith react to it? Will she turn to food or will she be able to work through it in a healthy manner?
At the same time, Cleo comes up with a new plan to make Will and Gwen happy. Oh, this can't turn out well, but what does she decide to do? How will her idea really turn out?
For all the answers to these questions and more, tune in to As the World Turns all week.

Monday, June 4 .
Paul walks in as Craig proposes to Meg;.
Carly gives Katie a stern warning;.
Carly considers a tempting offer from Brad..

Tuesday, June 5 .
Meg gives Craig her decision;.
Carly gives Brad a piece of her mind;.
Brad gets an eyeful of Katie and Jack..

Wednesday, June 6 .
Craig looks forward to a new start
Cleo gets creative;.
Emily's secret gets out..

Thursday, June 7 .
Susan learns the shocking truth about her daughters
Jack finds a drunk and despondent Carly;.
Katie does not accept Carly's peace offering..

Friday, June 8 .
Emily asks Dusty for a huge favor;.
Carly and Lily team up;.
Katie asks Jack some tough questions about Carly.

I've also read that Susan punches Emily when she finds out what the girls have been up to, and when it says "Carly and Lily team up," they're going into business together.

6.4.07, 7:21 PM
Thanks Fan, I really like these spoilers. And I like the way the forum gives you the option to show or hide. Thats neat, I've never seen this done like this before.

6.5.07, 2:08 PM
You're Welcome!
I think it's fun too. 'Cause sometimes I want to talk about a spoiler within a post but I can't because not everyone wants to know. So now we can just hide the part of posts that refer to spoilers!

3.23.08, 6:00 PM
I want Tom Eplin back on ATWT as a new character and now.