View Full Version : She's Back!

4.8.08, 4:35 PM
Although the writing has been better in recent months, it's starting to show that Dena Higley is back as headwriter. The main thing...flashbacks! Dena seems to think we are all morons and need to be reminded countless times of things that happened on the last episode. Excuse me, but I may have short-term memory loss at times, but I tend to remember what I just watched on the prior few episodes. I hate the way she does this and it's a waste of air time if you ask me.

Once we start seeing all the women on the show become weak, damsels in distress again, (another one of her famous writing traits) I'll have to leave again.

I just wish this woman would take a long hike and forget her way home.

4.9.08, 11:56 PM
I can tell you that if she reunites Sami with the boorish Lucas and not with EJ, then I definately stop viewing the show until Higley the Scab gets booted out on her backside!

4.10.08, 8:23 AM
I can sense the difference. Bring back the scab writers!

4.15.08, 9:20 PM
I will stop watching the show if she ends with with EJ. I cannot stand him.