View Full Version : What's your favorite stress reliever?

4.8.08, 3:14 PM
So what is everyone's way to get rid of stress? I usually love to do yoga after work, or take a walk around the neighborhood. however, i'm often stressed out at work and it makes it hard for me to concentrate. There's a website (http://www.myinnerworld.com) where you can actually create your own space and 'meditate' on the web. It's fun to visit when I'm at work and I need a quick 5-min relaxation time. I'm trying to become more spiritual and less anxious, so it's a great website to go to if you're in the same boat. But besides squeezing your stress balls, what's another way to get rid of the tension from the 9-5?

5.5.08, 9:37 PM
I guess my favorite stress release is go out and play bingo, then come home and soak in a hot bath filled with lavender.
The second thing I like to do is to make friends and chat with them. I like to make new friends and chat via in person or online.
Well I will keep this short and sweet.
Hope to chat again soon.
ya new friend KAT:):o;):jesterbob::palmtreez::sing:
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