View Full Version : Faith or folly? Raids on polygamist sect in Texas remove hundreds of children

4.8.08, 3:04 AM
The legit Mormon church banned polygamy years ago, but off-shoot sects have continued the practice for many years, too...escaping state and federal laws. Sects forming their own communities that include police forces that claim total jurisdiction in those communites.

Young females forced into arranged marriages sometimes with men many times their age, children not allowed to have more than a fundamental 6 or 8th grade education. Young males often forced out of the community when they come of age, so to keep the females at hand for marriages to the older men in the congregation. People being shut off from the world so they don't know anything other than what the church elders tell them. Men marry one woman under state laws, but take other wives via church marriage who can file for welfare once the kids start coming.

Sounds like the Taliban of America! At least the Amish give their children a year to make a choice to live outside their community before they commit to their religious lifestyle.

About darn time the state stepped into remove these hundreds of children being bred by this polygamist sect and put into protective custody. Systematic charges of child and spousal abuse have been well known for years, but the states haven't had the guts (except for TX) to actually do something about it. Hopefully, other sects in these communities will be followed up on as well.


4.8.08, 5:49 PM
ITA. Watching all those girls coming out with their heads down, in their long dresses, all looking the same- it's like we're in a time warp.
The religiously insane, IMO.

4.10.08, 3:40 AM
Amazing isn't it!! That in this country this has been known and tolerated for so long! For adults to choose a lifestyle that others may not want for themselves is one thing, but it's the children who do not get to chose...or have opportunities for education or a life outside the walls of a secluded sect that "marries" off females at the time they reach child-bearing age to the older men in the community....it's just sick and wrong.

4.10.08, 7:52 PM
Sick bleeps. Sick, sick...not women and men in multimarriages: to each his own, not my cup of tea but whatever...what's sick is what they are doing to children!! a 16 year old with 4 kids already? Forcing 12 year olds into marriage to 50 year old men? SICK!!!