View Full Version : Good grief:: Clair kidnapped ONLY to be entered into a pageant?

6.4.07, 10:55 AM
I've read this spoiler a few times hoping it was a rumor but if indeed that's the story, how ridiculous is that?? Im getting sick of the unnecesary obstacles between Belle,Shawn and Phillip for "dramatic" purposes. Now they will find Claire through a baby/beauty pageant???
I can't wait til this storyline finishes.

Im really excited about the Brady/DiMera story coming up. Although I've always hated Shephano and his many minions, it makes for a better plot than the one playing out PhilBelSha.

6.4.07, 12:12 PM
I admit I haven't read the spoilers lately but just because they find her at one doesn't mean that someone kidnapped her *just for that reason* - I need to look around and find some spoilers on this as I am enjoying this storyline and looking forward to see what happens between the three especially if Philip works against Victor