View Full Version : Finally..it's finished!

4.7.08, 11:36 PM
We started painting on the outside of our house..a few weeks back..but one thing or another kept us from finishing. But hubby took off work today and tomorrow..and we decided..we have to get it done..no matter what. We painted yesterday and today..and proud to say we finally got it done. Yay!! Looks nice too. And hubby is gonna do some yard work tomorrow. Weather is nice here..thank goodness.

4.8.08, 12:43 PM
Hi dragonmom.
Congrats on the paint job getting done.Lol I bet it looks great. We have to paint inside the house. The kitchen and dinning room need it bad.
We were trying to do yardwork too but it's raining again .yuck. I wish the warm weather would come and stay.
Have a great day!

4.8.08, 12:50 PM
Feels great I bet!!! YAY!!!

4.9.08, 1:30 AM
Hi, Paxie..haven't seen you in a while. Good to see you again! Coffenut..painting is not one of my favorite things to do..but when it's all done..things look so nice and fresh.