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4.7.08, 6:15 PM
How about having some fun on this board? Every week I'll post some fun nascar related questions and we'll all post our answers. Anyone up for it?
Here goes week 1.

1. Besides your favorite driver which driver would you like to see in victory lane? Why?

2. Who's your favorite broadcast personality? Why?

3. If your driver were going to switch teams who would you like to see him driving for? Why?

4.8.08, 3:33 PM
Fabulous idea Tigger! You've come up with some great first week questions too.
1. Besides your favorite driver which driver would you like to see in victory lane? Why?
Jaime McMurray - for several reasons.
1. He drives a FORD!
2. He's from Joplin, which is an hour from where I live. I'm a softie for the Midwest boys.
3. He's had terrible luck. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time.
4. CONFINDENCE - I think he really could use some. Winning just a race or two can have such a "jump start" effect.
5. Roush has gotta cut someone and I'd hate to see it be Jaime. I think a win might help cement his place on that team.
2. Who's your favorite broadcast personality? Why?
Larry Mac - He's a straight shooter without any fluff. I greatly prefer the whole FOX crew to the ESPN guys. I was not a fan of Rusty's on the track, and am not off the track either. Ready to see more of Dale Jarrett in the booth.
3. If your driver were going to switch teams who would you like to see him driving for? Why?
Tough question for me. Not alot of Ford teams to choose from these days. Yates has got to step it up, if one of the Roush guys is going to end up over there. So manufacturers aside, I'd base my decision on teammates and would chose CHILDRESS. I really like both Burton & Bowyer.

4.10.08, 12:19 AM
Great answers! Funny it took me longer to come up with my own answers. lol

I like Larry Mac also, but I also like Jeff Hammond, and I agree that my fave team is the fox team!

My answers are:

I have a toss up on the first one, it's the one that has kept me from answering. I would really love to see ken schrader win a race, or Kyle petty or Kenny wallace. I would love to see any of these drivers win because I like them all and I think they've all persevered through a lot and that it would mean a lot to them to get a win.

My fave announcer is DW. I love him! He and Larry and Jeff should be the announcers for all the races, in my opinion. I love his knowledge of the sport, I like his sense of humor, I look forward to boogity, boogity, boogity! I enjoy his stories and I really enjoy the interaction between dw and Larry and Jeff.

If I had to pick a team other than hendrick for Jr I would be torn between childress and Gibbs. My hesitation about childress is his father's shadow and the childress-DEI connection. I think childress making that connection killed any chance of Jr choosing his organization when he was making the switch last year.if he were to go to Gibbs my husband and I would be teammates. Although I'm still working on him making the switch to Jr, which he almost did after Gibbs not only switched to Toyota but hired Kyle Busch!
Glad you like the idea, I thought it could be fun and could not only liven up the board but give us something fun to do between races. :-)

4.19.08, 6:00 PM
Sorry I am just getting to these questions but I am always a day late and a dollar short anyway so it doesn't surprise me!!! So here are my answers.
1. Besides your favorite driver which driver would you like to see in victory lane? Why? This would be a toss up between Reed Sorenson and Elliott Sadler. I think both are really good drivers that have just had a lot of missed opportunities and bad luck. I like both of them, they do great interviews and they are very easy on the eyes...lol

2. Who's your favorite broadcast personality?
Why? Well my favoite use to be Benny B.P. Parsons (RIP) now I think my favorite is Kenny Wallace (love him in the prerace segments, well I just love him in general! For during the races I really like Larry Mac as well as DW but I don't like the ESPN guys either.

3. If your driver were going to switch teams who would you like to see him driving for? Why? If Newman were to change teams (and if this year finishes like last year or worse then I hope he will) I would like to see him go to Richard Childress and race for him.

4.20.08, 1:14 AM
Again, I can relate! I hate it when I come in late to something like this and no one is around to read my answers anymore.

I forgot that one of my choices to be in victory lane again would be Michael Waltrip. I love Mikey and he's had a tough road lately!

Yeah, I really like Kenny Wallace as well. I really like the Fox team and I like the Speed channel team. I haven't seen much of the ESPN team but the little I did see did not impress me at all. A few years ago we went to an event where there were some drivers, including Schrader and Kenny Wallace. All of a sudden from around a bend we heard Kenny's laugh! It is so funny. Everyone started swarming towards the sound of his laugh! lol

Funny that we all would like Childress. I know what you mean about Newman leaving if he doesn't get a better finish, as much as I hated to see Jr leaving DEI I know it was the best thing for him. What I really hate is that his leaving was a wake up call for them and once he announced he was leaving it was like they all stepped up and said uh oh we better get it together. Too bad they didn't do that before it was too late. Oh well, I'm happy he's at Hendrick because he's happy to be there.