View Full Version : congrats shortness!

4.7.08, 11:24 AM
Congratulations shortness. You must be really enjoying this season! How are things? How's the fantasy league going? Hope everyone is well.

4.7.08, 4:38 PM
BACK FLIP! woo hoo! yes i am enjoying this season. but not just b/c carl is doing so well, i also enjoy the lack of hendrick domination! ;)

wish i was doing as well in my fantasy league as my driver is doing. i'm floundering around in 10th this year. blech! every week i'm stuck by bum luck. i'm still beating a couple of the guys that i work with though!

4.10.08, 12:32 AM
Lol! Funny I'm not enjoying the lack of hendrick domination so much! Go figure!

I could certainly go for a certain hendrick driver doing some dominating! ;-)

Sorry to hear you're not doing so well in the fantasy league, hopefully you'll make up for lost ground and kick butt!