View Full Version : Julie asked me to post this

4.4.08, 11:22 AM
I called Julie to see how things were going. She's back in Wyoming..where she was living. I won't go into all the details..she can share with us later..but things just did not work out staying there in the Denver area. So she's back home in Rawlins, Wyoming..staying with her friend . But she did get a job..starts Saturday I think she said. Working at a Tiger Mart..a convenience type store. She's ok, that's the important thing. She wanted me to let her friends online know she's alright.

4.8.08, 11:40 AM
Hi Dreagonmom,
Thank you for letting us know she is ok. Like you said that is the most important part, she is ok. Tell her we miss her and good luck with everything.

4.9.08, 12:31 AM
I will tell her. She hasn't been online much at all. I called her..and then got one quick email from her after the phone call. I think her living with her friend has limited her computer use. (it's not her computer but someone else's...and she's working again..so that's keeping her busy)

4.11.08, 7:16 PM
Thanks Dragsy! I appreciate you posting this for me! Yea it has been a rough time for me. Just couldn't find a job down in Denver or a place to live. So came back to Wyoming where I know I can find a job! LOL I guess I'll have to do something different. But right now I'm just trying to get back on my feet is all. Well take care and hope to post again soon! :winkq: