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big easy
6.4.07, 2:40 AM
Kennedy proved it, Reagan proved it and so has Bush...tax cuts improve and grow the economy which provides more jobs for the middle class and increases revenue to the IRS...

when reports come out saying the "costs" of tax cuts, they are calculating the "lost revenue" to the IRS by using old rates and what the revenue would have been.. the problem with that is that these growth numbers would never had happened had the cuts not been put in place.... skewed logic....

so...why would we want to repeal Bush's tax cuts when jobs are more abundant and revenues to the treasury are up?

for the dems, I can understand why...a robust economy gives people more independence and makes them self sufficient.... dems depend on people needing them as opposed to the people being able to take care of themselves...

face it..if want Bush's tax cuts repealed...you just can't stand people getting any richer... you can not get over your hatred for those who have accomplished more than you and you could care less about jobs for the average person as long as those "evil rich" are taking it on the chin...

6.4.07, 5:11 PM
An old liberal standby.

6.5.07, 11:37 AM
The economy had anemic growth in the last quarter. Also, I don't know of any people in the middle class who actually think they are doing better now. So my question is when are the tax cuts actually going to help the backbone of our society? I'm just not seeing it.

big easy
6.5.07, 11:26 PM
ohh...so the last quarter is more important than all the others that preceded it?

were they doing much better during Clinton? maybe ..maybe not... our growth is robust and revenues are breaking records... we must have it to take care of the national debt... if we could control spending, then our national debt could be reduced which helps everybody...

question: what positives would come about with repealing Bush's tax cuts?

6.6.07, 11:24 AM
The dems want to roll back tax cuts on the top 1% and extend them for the middle class. If they can do that and do something about the AMT, I would be pretty pleased. Somehow the middle class has been marginalized by this administration and they are the backbone of our economy. They are the ones that have extra money after paying their bills and go shopping in malls. The top 1% always have extra money regardless. However, even as we look at taxes we need to look at our spending. This administration spends like a drunken sailor....we need to seriously look at where our money is actually going and what good it is doing. I think the interesting study would involve health care costs and how much we spend as a country on the uninsured and if offering some kind of national insurance would actually save us money. I don't know the answer and I'm not sure what kind of program would work but this needs to be done.

big easy
6.6.07, 11:39 PM
the bottom 50% pay less than 5% of the taxes... the top 1% pay a huge amount..(don't have the exact numbers off the top of my head on the top 1% but it is a LOT more than 1%..granted..they make a LOT more than 1% of all income earned)..

I wish I knew what you were talking about regarding " AMT"...what is that?

you say "somehow" this admin has "marginalized" the middle class... how is that?..could you be more specific?

you talk as the "extra money" the top 1% is going to be around regardless.... do you realize these people make decisions every day as to what they are going to do with it and how much they are going to risk? do you realize these proposed investments are scrutinized and decisions are based on risk?...do you not realize that future taxes are not played into these reports?...do you realize the decisions as to whether to hold off or move forward has impacts on jobs?

the repubs have made me sicker that a drunken sailor in regards to run away spending... that's why we need a Fred Thomposon or New Gingrich in the white house.... the new Dems in Congress have already shown their cowardness in regards to spending... I saw an article the other day that shows they are NOT going to curtail it either...

Health Care is something I need to educate myself on more... BUT there is NO WAY we will save any money if the poor are not willing to pay some kind of premium....NOTHING is saved when it is given away...PERIOD...

6.7.07, 3:47 PM
AMT...alternative minimum tax...put in place years ago and only hit a small part of the population...however, the limit was never raised so more and more people have to pay it. To fix it would cost an insane amount of money....the politicians don't want to touch it because it brings in quite a bit. There are quite a few articles on it with numbers etc. Basically upper middle class will be feeling it where it was original set up for very, very wealthy.
Also, I don't think a higher tax rate is going to change the upper 1% decision making that much. You are talking about alot of money.
I'm upper middle class and more of my money goes to buying necessities than ever before...and I've gotten raises in the last couple of years. I don't live a crazy lifestyle...but money is just tighter. I can't imagine what people who make less than me do it especially with kids.

With respect to healthcare, I agree...people who can afford to pay premiums should. That is what MA is trying. They have plans people can pick and depending on your income level you pay differing amounts. We'll see how it works. It's like a cross between private/state managed health care. Not sure what the CA program looks like.

big easy
6.8.07, 9:55 AM
I've never understood why a private insurer would not want to set up a National small business health policy... it would be the biggest plan coverage wise by far..

organizations of small bidness getting together to pool together something...afterall it's their size that prevents affordable coverage now, so why not do it collectively?

on the tax cuts, it just makes no sense to stop them because it has worked from a revenue and growth standpoint.... you definitely can't blame stupid and wasteful spending by congress on a more robust economy due to tax cuts....

6.24.07, 9:59 PM
Bush's tax cuts have not helped the middle class in this country...and they certainly haven't helped the lower working classes- who have had to pay more in every other way possible. Just look at your property taxes if you think you're getting any kind of break- income taxes are only a very small part of the total tax burden on working people.
The rich are getting richer, the middle class is disappearing, and the working poor are struggling to keep up. Meanwhile, job insecurity hits an all-time high, benefits are going, going, gone......and more and more working people can't afford health care coverage.
And you want to cheerlead Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy again? It's the oldest trick in the world, bigeasy- pretend not to notice how we're ripping the floor out from under you......while we convince you that you're paltry income tax break is meaningful in the long run. In the face of the incredible destruction of the foundation of a stable, thriving and upwardly mobile middle class in this country. Don't notice that unions are broken, benefits are gone, health care is out of reach for many, pensions are destroyed, and hey, buddy, guess what? No more overtime pay. No more sick days. Vacations? Forget it! Bring your work with you! And, oh, by the way- your job is now being done overseas. Bye-bye.
But gosh, don't fret! Just think of that tax break you got from Bush! That and selling your Fiesta collection on E-Bay just might get you through the next.........month?

7.2.07, 12:33 AM
Check this out.


7.2.07, 5:16 PM
This is beside the point. It really is. The fact is, those making millions are of course going to pay more in a progressive system. But that doesn't negate the reality that the PORPORTION of taxes paid in relation to income is going up for middle and lower income workers.....and going down for those at the top.
Income taxes are only a small part of the total tax burden on working people. Republicans trying to justify the vast transfer of wealth taking place in this country under Republican rule love to refer to income tax tables to try to justify it. But, in the real world, working people pay much more in FICA and other payroll taxes than those at the top do- much, much more.
It's disengenuous to only look at income taxes- and that's why the right always ONLY does.