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4.2.08, 11:40 AM
Good Morning laidies!
It is beautiful here .The sun is shining and the birds are singing. It's supposed to be a little cool still but slowly warm up the next few days. I am so ready for spring. Heck I am ready for summer. Christopher is too. Every time he comes over he asks me if the pool is ready to go swimming yet. He asked that in the middle of a snowstorm too.Lol Than I have to take him outside and show him that i am telling the truth.Lol
Had all my check ups and i am doing fine.mammogram had no problems either this time. Yeah I don't have to go back for a whole year! I lost 23 pounds since christmas.I am feeling really good right now.
Dragonmom ,how was the bowling last night? Christopher is absolutely crazy about bowling and can't beieve that I am the king of gutter balls. He always makes fun of me.Lol
Anyway I wish you all a wonderful day!
love coffenut

4.2.08, 6:28 PM
Hi there....I'm so tired this evening from work. Bowling didn't go well last night..we all bowled lousy..ha ha. I think you said Christopher bowls in a league now? Glad he enjoys it so much.
Weather here is Springlike..and glad of it too. Glad your check ups went so well! And congrats on the weight loss. May I ask how are you doing it? I'm going to be going weight watchers soon. Going to a meeting this next Tuesday. I need to lose some big time..hoping to lose before our June vacation to Gulf Shores Alabama..and have the pounds lost before my July dr. appt. The dr. didn't tell me to lose..but when I was weighed..I knew then ...no need to put it off any longer. I need to do it. Well...gotta go for now. Hope everyone's day was a good one.

4.3.08, 10:53 AM
Hi dragsy,
Yes Christopher bowls in a league and loves it.
About my diet. It wasn't really meant to be a weight loss diet but the weight loss is the bonus.5 days before christmas I had a Dr. appointment and my tryclicerides were too high,my cholesterol borderline and my sugars a bit high. My dr. wanted to put me on lipitor and I refused. I am already on 5 BP meds and did not want to add another drug to it. So I told her i'll try it first with diet. So I researched on the internet what would be best to lower all the things elevated.
I started eating healthy. Lots of fresh veggies,fruits,salads. I make my salads with a home made dressing. I have so many diet restrictions that I can't use bottled dressing. I make a vinegraite with oil,vinegar,garlic,herbs and pepper. I bought some bottles and make my dressing ahead so all I have to do it get it out and pour. Use different salad mixes .There is such a great variety of lettuce now ,it's amazing.I add a little cheese or canned tuna or a bit leftover chicken to put some protein in my salad.Use your imagination whatever you like.
I drink green tea with lunch every day, of course it's decaf because of my BP and sweetened with splenda or sweet n low.Most importantly cut down on sugar as much as possible. I sweeten everything with sweetener. I don't eat regular cake or sweets. There is a variety of sugar free cupcakes,pies and all kinds of things out there now.You can also bake them yourself. I eat whole grain breads ,whole grain pasta and brown rice only. And that is what makes a big difference .It fills you up way faster and keeps your blood sugar levels down.If you are craving chips choose sun chips they are whole grain and baked.For my sweet tooth[I love sweet stufff]I use the sugar free fat free puddding mixes or there are even a variety of sugar free fat free pudding cups and jello cups.Nuts are a healthy snack esp. almonds and walnuts. And I try to eat portion sizes .
It really doesn't feel like diet.I am constantly eating Lol
My blood tests after 4 weeks were wonderful. My Dr. couldn't believe it. matter of fact my Dr. told me to ease up a bit because some of the results were too low.Lol
I hope this helps a bit dragonmom. I can really recommend it and it is not as hard as it sounds.

4.3.08, 10:43 PM
I am very proud of you..and not even having to go with a diet program. Well..basically it's all about eating healthier. If you call it "diet"..you will fail. As my friend says..Weight Watchers is just a healthier way to eat. Diet is not the proper word to use. I have to go to meetings etc. Accountability is what it's all about for me. If no one is checking to see how I am doing...then I won't stick with it. I'll cheat. So wish me luck. I go to the first meeting on Tuesday.