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4.1.08, 9:28 AM
Hi there. Have been offline for a few days, but back on now. Julie, so so sorry to hear about your job. Some people are just really hard to please, sure there are better jobs out there for you. Keep your chin up and will be thinking of you.
I have been helping hubby out with the blinds, not as hard as the first one we did, either getting good at it, or that particular one was just really difficult. Anyway, doing okay with minimal pain! Am really excited today as my new book (Duma Key - Stephen King) arrived in the post, so can get down to some serious reading. Been waiting a while for it and now it finally here.
We are also waiting impatiently for the results of the Zimbabwe Elections, hoping that that madman will be ousted at last, although it will all go the way he wants it to in the end. Feel very sorry for the people left there, they really can do with a break. Anyway, we wait with anticipation and hope.
Take care and have a good day.

4.1.08, 1:49 PM
Hello Lynne, got your email with pics..thank you!! I just sent you some pictures too...so you can know my family. So sorry about the turmoil that Zimbabwe is going through. I'm praying for the best..for the people there. I haven't been on here much either as you can tell. I'll try to do better. I'm doing a little painting today. Have two birdhouses to repaint..they were getting in bad shape. Waiting on the first coat to dry and paint some more. Hope you are having a good day. Coffenut..where are you? Miss you on here! I know Julie will be without a computer for a while.I'm missing her on here already..and the emails and chats I have with her. Have a great Tuesday everyone! Oh..it's April Fool's Day too...time for pranksters to stir..ha ha. And today is my dad's birthday. He passed way 9 years ago, this coming July.

4.1.08, 5:28 PM
Hi ,I'm here.Lol The weather has been nicer so I have had other things to do.Lol
We celebrated Christopher's 5th Birthday on the 21. Of course I had all the work.Lol But I don't mind, he had a great time.
Of course we had ballons,cake,icecream,pizza and lots of presents.His number one wish on the list was a Whoopee cushion. He must have his grandma's weird sense of humor .Lol
Now we are done with birthdays for a little while,thank god.Lol
Not much new here. Our daughter wrecked our new truck. She wasn't hurt,but she called in tears and scared me half to death. And she kept saying but it's real bad and dad just got the truck. That's true we still had thirty day tags,ouch.lol But we couldn't be mad when we saw her so upset. At least nobody was hurt thats the most important thing.
Well I hope you all have a great april fools day. So far I have been doing the fooling,I hope it stays that way.lol.

4.2.08, 1:12 AM
Oh no..hate to hear your daugther was in a wreck..but thank God she's ok. How's the truck....fixable? Yeah...the most important thing is her.
Awww...Christopher turned 5 already?? How time flies! wow! Glad he had a nice day!!
I had a good day..but alas I go back to work tomorrow..uggh. LOL