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3.30.08, 4:57 PM
If you're tired of the half-witted details like kids vanishing into the attic at the pub, Stefano's cartoony brainwashing,
relations being forgotten, and ditsy comments like "I know
what's going on here" or the wrong people mistakenly bein
g kidnapped, you might enjoy this one, especially if you g
rew up in the nineties and remember Pinky and the Brain
from Animaniacs, who John Black hires as his security gau
rds because they can easily spy from hidden places..only
he doesn't know that they only work there so they can get
their hands on the mind control devices and use them to
take over the world while Stefano is out of commission.

3.30.08, 5:07 PM
ideas on what should happen next are welcome. it's more of a
parody/spoof than a fic.