View Full Version : Kayla, Stephanie and Max

3.30.08, 4:10 AM
I'm so glad Kayla seemed a little sickened by Max and Stephanie kissing and that she brought the subject up about him being a Brady, although adopted. It's just too weird for me to wrap my head around. Adopted or not, Stephanie grew up knowing him as "Uncle Max". Ewwww!

3.30.08, 3:44 PM
I have to agree. Max and Stephanie are cute together, but that is kind of ...eeewww that she grew up calling him uncle
Max...someone needs to remove the coffee from the writer's
lounge, we're surrounded by idiots.

3.30.08, 3:49 PM
I almost forgot that they also rushed Abby hanging out with Max and Frankie and Jack constantly worrying they were a co
uple when one of them pretty much dated Abby's mom, thats
about as bad as Billie and Nick...hello, Nick is your daughters
age, Billie. One word of advice for the writers...be normal!
and this is comming from someone that got bored and decid
ed to put up a fic where John's new henchmen were Pinky and
the Brain who were posing as security gaurds to get access
to Stefano's mind control devices to take over the world. Ev-
en I don't have that much free time on my hands to overlo-
ok such OBVIOUS details.

3.30.08, 7:26 PM
did they show them growing up doing that? I missed those years.