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3.29.08, 3:01 AM
Martha Madison is NOT pregnant, contrary to popular rumor mill you've been reading elsewhere. Forget what you read elsewhere - trust us. Lori Wilson, Soaps.com reporter, just got off an interview call with Martha Madison, moments ago. She reported that Martha is not pregnant nor does she ever want to be! Feel free to share this with your friends but please remember, you heard it here on SOAPS.com

3.29.08, 7:38 AM
Wow..."Nor does she ever want to be" ? That is pretty definitive! LOL

3.29.08, 1:44 PM
some people just don't want kids.... seems like the people who shouldn't have them should be those people lol oh well

3.29.08, 9:22 PM
She really looks pregnant! Maybe it was just the smock top and dresses she was wearing. Maybe she's just gained a little weight.

3.30.08, 7:05 PM
lol, I thought that too about that one statement "nor does she want to"

3.31.08, 6:06 AM
Soaps.com didn't need to start announcing she isn't pregnant. Just like the time they interviewed Marcus Patrick (Jett) and said what it sounded like when he was peeing. Too trashy. And to think they just took over Dustin's site!

3.31.08, 12:55 PM
I will MISS Dustin and his site...It was a personal sort of site with his touch.....sigh...

And YES Martha looked VERY pregnant, but just in the belly...not her face or anything. Maybe she doesn't want it released to the publc yet??? Some people wait for afer the first trimester mark....but they sure were covering her on the set with heavy coats and bags....LOLOL

3.31.08, 2:53 PM
what happening to dustin's site??

4.2.08, 1:44 PM
She always looked pregnant to me. Some woman hold weight just in the belly