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3.28.08, 5:21 PM
anyone have fibroids? I just got the oh so lovely diagnois. I've never had cramps (lucky I know) until three months ago and boy did they come with vengence....along with some other yucky symptoms I wont detail but if you have fibroids, Im sure you know. :anon2d:

Did anyone opt for treatment? meds? surgery? letting them be?

3.28.08, 8:16 PM
Yep I have them and they were a party with my last pregnancy. I was told that if they are not large then you can live with them but periods are worse. (THEY SURE ARE!!). If they become to big they can remove them but their chances of coming back are very high. I will have 2 weeks of cramps (break bleeding) that includes the period and 2 normal weeks a month. (sorry if thats TMI) There are sometimes complications with pregnancy but the doctor will keep an eye out for them. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask

3.28.08, 10:08 PM
No, I appreciate you sharing with me. How do they determine what kinds of treatment to use, if any?

Did you find out you had fibroids during your pregnancy or before?

Again, thank you for being open and sharing with me.

3.28.08, 10:31 PM
They determine by the size of the fibroid. If it causes so much discomfort when your ovulating and during your period then your doctor may decide that surgery would be your best option.
I was diagnosed with my 4th child.

Your very welcome. I wish someone would have helped me when I was diagnosed because I was totally lost lol.

3.28.08, 11:58 PM
I had fibroids diagnosed while I was pre-menopausal, they were causing severe cramps and heavy bleeding, very uncomfortable. My OBGYN cauterized(sp?) them...it was an out patient procedure and it did help.

3.29.08, 1:38 AM
Thank you both!!

Passionatic - was there any side effects from cauterizing them?

I know Im so screwed if they want to do hormones, I can't because of my still's disease.

3.30.08, 10:09 AM
No, I had no side effects and was fine when I got home. Good Luck to you.

3.30.08, 6:03 PM
thank you so much. I appreciate it. My next appt is later next week. I'm antsy as it's a D and C and hysterscope.