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3.27.08, 4:51 AM
Hi there. Had a great Easter and been hard at work since Monday helping Dave (hubby) putting up huge blinds for people. He was short of a helper, so I volunteered, which is all well and good, but really at the age of 45 I think I should have known better. Whew!!! haven't had that kind of exercise for a long long time. Anyway, enjoyed being out there and getting the fresh air and had long sleep-in this morning to rest the aching joints! No, really, I had fun.:eek:
Sounds like both of you had good Easter weekends which is great. I read that you go bowling? Do you belong to teams, or is it just social? We used to bowl when we were kids, but haven't done any for years (wasn't very good back then anyway), but it is a really fun sport hey?
Thanks a lot for your kind comments on my kids. I am very proud of them both and love to share their accomplishments.
The photo I have here now is showing where we lived in Zim. The dog is Jess and she was always barking at the Eland or Zebra that used to graze at the fence.
Take care and have a really good day.:upsideq:

3.27.08, 8:34 PM
Hi there...oh gee, wish this picture you posted were a bit larger...but I know you can't make them big here!! So you don't live there anymore? That's where you moved from..right? Sounds like you had a work out on Monday!! I'm 51...and hey, I feel it when I overwork..yikes. Or should I say..ouch? Hubby and I bowl in a league. It's a mixed league..men and women. We have fun. Been bowling since I was tiny..and bowling in leagues since I was 12 years old. My mother and father bowled..so did hubby's family. Out of all those years I've only sit out a few years. We bowl from August through usually April or May..and we sit out during the summer..take a break. I use to be pretty good..but not anymore. I use to bowl more than once a week too..in a women's league..plus a mixed league and bowled in tournaments..etc. But I only bowl on Tuesday nights now..which is fine by me. Same goes for my husband. He use to bowl more than once a week..but cut back too. My son and daughter use to bowl in youth leagues..but as they got older..they pretty much quit..except to bowl occasionally just for the fun of it. May I ask...what's an Eland? Yes..your girls are beautiful girls..and I know you are proud of their accomplishments! I'm gonna send you another pm with my email address. If you like..we can share photos..etc and more about our families..etc. that way ok? Well..work was pretty tiresome today. I took a nap on the couch when I got home! Take care..I'll check back in later. Look for a PM!

3.28.08, 5:29 AM
Hi there. Yes, that was where I lived in Zim before having to leave to South Africa. We miss it terribly, especially being right in the middle of the bush! Don't do too well in cities, hence the reason we moved from Cape Town to Port Alfred. It is a small seaside town and very pretty, the downside is that it is difficult to make a living in a small town. Anyway, can't have it all can we? An Eland is a beautiful African Antelope, will post a pic of one, they are magnificent animals.
Sounds like you have had a great time with the bowling, always seems like a really good social sport.
Would love to exchange photos and will send some on to you.
Take care and have a good day.

3.28.08, 10:04 AM
Oh..what a beautiful animal! Oh living in the bush..how awesome! Living in a seaside town sounds nice too..love the sea! I'm heading to work..so have to make this brief. Catch you later!

3.28.08, 5:32 PM
Lynjay Love your picture and it must be awesome seeing such wildlife all the time! I'd love it. Especially the Zebra's! LOL Well I know your doing great now but hopefully rested from helping your hubby. I work hard at times too especially for the last few days. But now not working again. But will be moving so that will be work right? Well I'll be off line for a bit but once I get settled I'll get back on here again! Take care! :blush2ey:

3.29.08, 11:39 PM
Julie..hate to hear the new job did not work out. Hopefully things will be falling into place for you. I know you will be offline for a while..will miss you!! We all will.