View Full Version : Horton Hears a Who

3.26.08, 1:41 PM
What a great family movie. I really enjoyed and it and thought it was so well done. I was laughing out loud. My kids loved it as well and so did my husband. I would definitely recommend it. Anyone else see it yet?

3.26.08, 2:53 PM
not yet!! Funny you should post this I was thinking of taking the kids after school.

6.14.08, 10:53 PM
it was better than the hideous and angry Cat in the Hat, but for me, not Seuss enough. It had some of those contemporary/angry comebacks and put downs that are in all kids movies today, and that is NOT Dr. Seuss. It wasn't as bad as it could be, but I really couldn't reccomend it.

6.15.08, 5:57 PM
I was actually suprised. I thought I would hate it because I dont care for Jim Carrey, but I liked it. It's been a while so I dont remember the comebacks that Elana is referring to.