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3.26.08, 9:12 AM
Well it's early and I'm up so I don't miss my bus! I have to take one in order to get to work on time. Yuck! Wish I had a ride. Any ways I work today which is the good news! First day! Wish me luck OK? Be back on tonight sometime if I'm not busy packing etc. Take care everyone! :winkq:

3.26.08, 10:18 AM
A busy day for you Julie!! I hope your first day at work is a good one! Talk later then! Well..we won three games last night bowling..woo hoo!! I bowled ok two games..just ok, nothing fantastic, but didn't bowl my average the first game..grr. Watched American Idol after coming home from bowling..which I taped. Now getting ready for work. I have a short one today..only 4 1/2 hours ..yay!! I get off at 2 PM. See you all later.

3.26.08, 10:21 PM
Thanks Dragsy! I'm back from work! Whew What a day! It was very busy! But I enjoyed working. We did a lot of cleaning, some waxing too. So was a good day. Tomorrow do more of the same. Cleaning and Waxing moving things in etc. stuff like that. My boss is great! I really enjoy her! We even had lunch together was fun! Any ways I can't wait to get moved! Well any ways I am elated I have a job and a place to live. Start my first part of school tomorrow night with Orientation too! Then on Monday is my first evening of class! :winkq:

Well Glad you bowled well and hope your short day at work went well! I watched American Idol will probably watch it again tonight too. Then get some shut eye cause I have a busy day tomorrow. Well Take care! :blush2ey:

3.27.08, 4:39 AM
Congrats Julie. Seems like you had a really good first day and, hopefully the rest will be as good. It's always nice when you enjoy the work and get on with the Boss. Look forward to hearing about your move. Any news on how long it going to take to get your car fixed?
Take care and enjoy.;)

3.28.08, 5:27 PM
Thanks Lynjay and Dragsy. Well bad news! I got fired yesterday! I was so shocked. They said I hadn't worked hard enough and was just standing around at times. Which wasn't true! I was working my butt off. I worked so hard I was so tired last night I dropped onto the pillow in fact. Well any ways so I'm without a place to live and no job again. So will have to be in a Motel for a week. Then the school will try and find me housing and a job I hope! I applied at Denny's as a food server for now. I'm sure I'll get hired. Pray for me cause I will be off the internet for awhile tell I get settled! Thanks! Love, Julie:(