View Full Version : I'm so VERY happy Shelle are GONE!

3.25.08, 6:28 PM
If they have to be that stupid as to keep them together as a couple then I'm glad they had the smarts to make them go away. But it's just too bad they didn't leave in a pine box instead of really ignorantly penniless and with a child dependant upon medicine and doctors for the rest of her life.

I can give them the coordinates to the middle of the Bermuda Triangle!

I did like Claire with John. Just get rid of Shelle or Shawn and keep Claire and have her live with John. The other best case scenario would be to get rid of Shawn, and make Claire be Philip's!!!

3.25.08, 9:58 PM
wow not a fan I see. TOTALLY DISAGREE with you. Shawn and Belle were the new Bo and Hope and I am SADDENED they decided to keep crappy characters such as Chelsie/Nick/Stephanie/Ava/this new doctor/ANY of the college students over Belle and Shawn. They are sailing around the world but there are ports they can stop at and they are not penniless. It would be really ignorant to think that. Wanting them in a pine box is just disgusting

3.26.08, 12:17 PM
Pine box? Now, that is a bit harsh.

3.27.08, 9:34 AM
they are only penniless when it suites the sl ............. in all reality (LMAO) the both have an arse load of money shawn d has grandpas money (grandpa's on both sides b/c doug has to have some kind of money to be running around traveling all the time) and belle well crap she's really got the money now! mom is a doctor.... dad has basic black AND he's the dimera heir so really no penniless for this sl!

3.30.08, 12:23 AM
Shawn is an imbecile for thinking that he could be a cop after
recklessly driving a motercycle through a church amongst his
other mishaps. I always prefered Belle and Phillip, but as far
as the teens go, Chealsea and Stephanie's storyline with Max
and Nick is much more interesting even though Chealsea can
be an annoying pain in the butt at times I do enjoy some of
her storylines, they put way too much focus on Salem High a-
nd gradually putting the background characters in the main s
torylines with the other teens with Shawn and Belle. I was s
till a teen when Shawn and Belle were first aged on the show
but I was an old enough teen to find myself rolling my eyes
like 'where are the Bradys, Hortons and the Dimeras?' And
couldn't Shawn and Belle have thought of their own name for
their own boat? I'm so tired of the writers trying to make the
m the next 'john and marlena' or 'Bo and Hope' which is comp
letely lacking in point as both couples are STILL ON THE SHOW.