View Full Version : Tuesday, March 25

3.25.08, 12:25 PM
How's everyone? Julie..we chatted on msn this morning..so I know you went to work. Sending best wishes..hope your first day goes well! Hope that tooth stopped hurting too. I'm about to run some errands...catch you all later!

3.25.08, 1:14 PM
Well bad news she still didn't get my back ground check back so couldn't go in! I'm so tired of sitting here all day. I hate it! No wheels so can't afford to go do anything either. So it's the pits. Well I'm just bored right now maybe I'll clean today. Don't know yet what I'll do. I wish I could start packing but now way to get boxes either. Oh well.:o

3.25.08, 7:31 PM
Sorry you are stuck there. You told me that Susan is coming up tomorrow..that will be a big help. Hope you get to go to work tomorrow.

3.25.08, 9:01 PM
Well good news! I get to work finally tomorrow! Yay! They got the paper work back so I can officially get paid! I'm so glad! Phew! Any ways we had a nice warm day here today I sweat like crazy just going up for dinner tonight! But was good walk for me I guess! Well from now on I might be to busy to post! So see you all soon once I get settled! :winkq:

3.26.08, 10:19 AM
I'm glad you are finally starting work. I know you'll be busy the rest of this week..so whenever you can come in here and post..we'll understand.

3.26.08, 10:22 PM
Well tell school starts I'll still have my evenings free but will also be packing to move. But I'll try and get in here when I can OK? Take care!:p