View Full Version : Good Monday......

3.24.08, 8:41 AM
Wow this weekend went by fast! Can't believe it! Goodness! Well Easter was kind of boring for me but I survived it. Except for Church of course that was nice to go. Today I'm up early to get ready to ride the bus and get to work by 9AM hopefully. Wish me luck that I get the right buses and don't have problems! Take care and see you tonight! :winkq:

3.24.08, 4:12 PM
Hey Julie....got your email..that you didn't go in this morning due to some paperwork the employer had to do yet? All get resolved? Well...my dr. appt went fine. All the bloodwork came back just fine. So..now I don't go see him for 4 months now.

3.24.08, 5:07 PM
Well glad your appointment went well Dragsy and it's all OK that is is good news. :)

Well I didn't go in today cause she hasn't got the background check back yet when she does then I can start. She will call me when it comes back. Probably tomorrow. Any ways I have had a bad tooth ache all day ouch! Went to put some money in my bank and took the bus and on the way back it really started throbbing. Still hurting a little bit even got some stuff for it but it's not doing the greatest to relieve the pain. So hopefully it will go away I can't stand pain very much! :o