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3.24.08, 3:45 AM
Hi there. First of all I am really chuffed for Julie tohave found a job and home in the same place. Great stuff! Sorry about your car tho, know the feeling. Anyway, all will come together at some stage.
Good to see your photo Dragonmom. It's nice to see who we all are, isn't it. This next photo is my daughter Kerry (14). She is also an absolute joy to us and does very well in school also. She would like to do something with cars when she leaves, so will explore all options. She is learning to play electric guitar and doing quite well so far.:)

Seems like you both had lovely easter weekends, as did I. Take care and chat soon.:D

3.24.08, 3:51 AM
Hi again. Dee is really good with her art and I thought I could show you some of it through the website she post to.


Have a look, she is really gifted.

3.24.08, 8:36 AM
Wow Your daughter is really good! She is so pretty too! You must be so proud of her! Thanks for sharing! Have a nice day!:)

3.25.08, 6:37 PM
Wow..she's very very talented...very gifted. Is all this work hers? I see she does photography too? I know you are very proud. And she's such a pretty girl. Both your daughter's are!