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6.3.07, 12:05 PM
really likes Fancy and Luis together.

As a Shuis fan, I do not want Luis with this Sheridan. Shuis deserves better! This is not the real Sheridan. It's not like when she shut down when she thought Marty died. I wanted Luis to help her through that. She was vulnerable and while she blamed Luis, you could really feel sympathy for her. However, now she is as mean, and given the chance would be as evil, as Alistair. She doesn't care one bit what Luis wants or how he feels as long as she "wins."

Mac is a great actress otherwise she wouldn't be able to carry off two such polar opposite personalities for the same character. I still love Mac . . . but I HATE the current Sheridan. Where has our caring Sheridan gone? The real Sheridan would have blanched at the idea that she could share any common characteristics with her father. However, the current Sheridan revels in it.

However, it's not just that I hate the current Sheridan . . .

I do like Fancy with Luis.

They are great together. He has helped her step out of herself and look at the welfare of others (Fancy is a far better developed character now than she was when she was with Noah). Fancy helped Luis deal with the loss of Sheridan to Chris. He was such a lost little boy not quite sure how to deal with the situation until Fancy really came into his life. I also like that they have been respectful of each other and their relationship. Most couples on this show sleep together then say they love each other. While Luis and Fancy have, in my opinion, tons of chemistry, they said I love you, and continue to do so, before they slept with each other. They were tempeted so many times before the blackmailer raped Fancy but were determined to wait until Fancy graduated from the academy. After the rape Luis was so tender and understanding that Fancy could be touched by anyone. He was there for her and supportive of her decisions regarding her emotional state.

To make a long story short (I know. . . too late http://www.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/happy/happy0046.gif (http://www.mysmiley.net/free-msn-smileys.php) ) . . .

I loved the scenes on Friday. Luis did sort of brush off Sheridan (who can blame him after what she has done in his presence let alone the things she has done that he doesn't know about?), but that isn't what I am talking about. What I liked was the connection between Luis and Fancy. They are really hot together but they can be really sweet too. Most of the time the women were visiting Luis he had Fancy's hand in his hands (as much as can be possible thru the partition fence thingy) and was rubbing her fingers. It was an act of comfort between the two of them. It had nothing to do with sex but rather two people who love each other dearly offering what comfort they can in the circumstances in which they find themselves. They have had some hot (almost) sex scenes but there is much more to their relationship than that.

Don't get me wrong, if the real Sheridan ever surfaces again, I am going to be incredibly torn as to who Luis should be with. However, it will take a miracle or a plot twist to redeem Sheridan now.

Okay . . . I will now step off my soapbox! http://www.mysmiley.net/imgs/smile/happy/happy0065.gif (http://www.mysmiley.net/free-msn-smileys.php) (not clapping for myself but for the fact that I have indeed stepped off my box!)

6.4.07, 4:17 PM
I agree Sheridan has turned terrible. She is a scheming, manipulative, selfish b*** and Luis does deseve better. It is almost impossible to feel sorry for her. She has lost Luis, Chris and James but it is all her own doing.

6.5.07, 2:35 AM
I agree with you. I find it impossible to feel sorry for Sheridan. I used to LOVE her but find it difficult to stomach her now let alone like her.\

I want the real Sheridan back!

6.17.07, 8:42 AM
You're not alone, believe me. I am a Shuis fan who happens to love Luis and Fancy, for the exact reasons you have pointed out. It makes me sad to see how much the writers have trashed Sheridan. Watching old tapes/scenes of the REAL Shuis just makes it that much harder to watch Sheridan these days. I'm perfectly happy for Luis to be with Fancy, unless they find someway to redeem Sheridan, which I just don't see happening. Even then, I think I would be torn too.

Linda J.
6.18.07, 5:15 PM
I was always a Shuis fan until Lancy came on board. I love that Luis is in love with Fancy. I don't want Shuis back together no matter what.

6.18.07, 11:01 PM
Watching old tapes/scenes of the REAL Shuis just makes it that much harder to watch Sheridan these days. I'm perfectly happy for Luis to be with Fancy, unless they find someway to redeem Sheridan, which I just don't see happening. Even then, I think I would be torn too.

I totally agree. I never thought that I would think of Sheridan as a b*tch but I do! I cannot believe that she was going to let Fancy die! She knew where Fancy was, she heard the commotion in the room and she did nothing. Then she stood there looking at the blackmailer attempting to strangle Fancy and did nothing until Sam came down the corridor. If Sam hadn't come along, Fancy would be dead. This is not the real Sheridan.

The real Sheridan stayed with Antonio/Brian so she wouldn't hurt him; she put his feelings, and health, above her own feelings (and Luis'). I hated that. However, it was Sheridan's nature. The real Sheridan would not stand by and watch her neice get hurt let alone killed.

So long story short, I don't think they could do anything to redeem Sheridan for me. I guess I will just have to be happy to watch Mac play a total b*tch!

6.23.07, 3:27 AM
There are only two things they can do to make me support Shuis again.

1. This is not really Sheridan. The real Sheridan is locked up somewhere against her will and this is Beth or some yet unknown enemy who has taken over her life. I don't like this option, cause it doesn't really make sense, but this is JER we're talking about so anything really is possible.

2. Sheridan has some sort of brain tumor that is making her act like this. She has an operation, gets all better and is the sweet, loving Sheridan we all know and miss. This is the one I would buy the most I think.

Also, I really think the show missed the boat in other ways with this storyline. They should have kept Sheridan with Chris, had her be a little jealous of Fancy and Luis but nothing over the top, and then have her find out the truth about Chris and Alistair. Then, Sheridan could have had a break down, turned nasty and vowed to win Luis back at any cost. That would have made so much more sense than Sheridan just losing it for no apparent reason. Oh this show really just frustrates me these days! :(

6.23.07, 5:56 PM
I see your point. However, since Sheridan has been the antithesis of what we have come to expect from her, I have really grown to like Fancy and Luis. It will be really hard for me to root against them. Sheridan has continually put others ahead of Luis (can we say Antonio and Chris?) but I cannot remember Fancy doing that (I admit I could have a faulty memory).

All I can say is that if Sheridan, thru some miracle, is redeemed, my loyalties will be severely split. However, it will be fun to watch.

Emily and Galen have wonderful chemistry together (as do Mac and Galen). I don't want to see Fancy sacrificed because people want Shuis together. Emily is far too good for that. I don't want to see Fancy and Noah back together. Emily is too good for that pairing. IF the powers that be put Luis and Sheridan back together, they need to bring another great male actor on the show to play Fancy's love interest. He will have to be one hell of an actor and the character will have to be stellar to appease me.

6.24.07, 6:06 PM
PUTS HERSELF FIRST....It cut my message off. Even trying to save him so he can be with her is putting herself first.

Now I'm done with my message.

6.25.07, 4:50 PM
I wasn't an avid watcher duing Shuis' supercouple days, but I always liked them together. I have seen Lancy since October or so and am loving it. I agree that they are taking their relationship very slow and are totally in love with eachother. On today's show Luis told Fany that he loves her more than he has loved any other woman...it sounds like the Shuis ship has sailed.

6.30.07, 5:26 PM
My personal opinion for what it is worth is that Luis seems a lot smarter with fancy. He came across like an idiot with Sheridan.

8.2.07, 2:40 PM
Believe me....you are not alone.....I'm also a shuis fan that loves luis and fancy together......do i want shuis back at this point?....no do i think that shuis can be saved at this point?...no but with passions you never know but like another poster said...luis seems to be a bit smarter with fancy not to mention fancy doesn't come of as a damsel in distress all the freakin time.....GO LANCY!! i say

8.2.07, 7:17 PM
I was fed up with shuis when we had months and months of "\LLLLLUUUUISSSS PUULLLEEZZZ" . I realize she was in a basement at Beth's but that was the whole dialog. You hit the nail on the head ...the damsel in distress all the time. That gets really old day after day.