View Full Version : Happy Easter!!!!

3.23.08, 9:56 AM
Well here it is Easter morning! Wow this month really went by fast didn't it? Well I have some good news and bad! The good news is I found a place to live! Woot! It pays me and I can stay there for free! It's also very close to my college I can walk. Which is a good thing! So I'll save on gas etc. and get paid to work for $300 a week! The only draw back is this. I had an accident yesterday! I did! Totaled my Jimmy I think but not sure! Don't know how much it's going to cost to get that fixed! And it was the other persons fault he ran a red light but said he didn't GRRR! So now the insurance companies have to deal with it! I do have a very sore neck still this morning too! But I'm covered at least on my insurance for that! Thank God! They will send me a form! Any ways pray I get my wheels fixed. Cause right now I have to call for a ride or take a bus. So it's a the pits. And my job is far away right now tell I can move in which won't be tell the 31st of March! Or Maybe not tell April 1st! So I'm really up set and I start College that day too! So double problem. Any ways. Just keep me in your prayers. OK? Thanks!:lookaway:

3.23.08, 10:27 PM
Julie..we also talked about your Jimmy..but glad to hear you figured out the bus route..etc. That's good! So shouldn't be a problem getting around somewhat..till your Jimmy gets fixed or you get money when it's totaled. Hopefully enough to either fix the Jimmy or buy a nice used car. Glad you had a nice day today...being able to get a ride to church and all. We had a nice Easter. Jill and the boys came down and so did my mom. We had lots of good food..and the boys hid and hunted eggs!!

3.24.08, 8:25 AM
Glad you had a nice Easter! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Yea I'm hoping I'll get a vehicle or something here soon cause it's the pits taking the bus and it takes so long too! Well I'll keep you posted on what happens. Thanks!:winkq: