View Full Version : Music Trivia

6.3.07, 8:21 AM
I must be having a dim day, I scored HORRIBLY on this. Scroll to the bottom and hit GO with or without music...your choice.

6.3.07, 12:37 PM
I scored 145. Yikes that's hard!

6.3.07, 2:12 PM
I got 145, too. I'm going to take it again to see if the questions are the same. This is sad and embarassing. The shame! (aside to Oda: I wonder how GMaz would do...)

6.3.07, 8:13 PM
Actually, I dont think he'd do well at all. His lack of knowledge of older genre music always surprises me...of course, then again...he might score perfect.

6.4.07, 11:09 AM
Maybe it's your boy who could ace it. Or mine? He certainly knows the era, but not sure how he's be with #1 type knowledge.