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3.21.08, 9:26 AM
Hi all. Here's wishing you a great Good Friday and have a brilliant Easter weekend.
I'm not going anywhere special - have one daughter off on a hockey trip for the whole weekend and the other is home with Us. Dave working today, but will have Sat and Sun free, so maybe go look around up the coast (see what's out there) for a drive out.
Julie, I really hope you are having luck finding another house, am holding thumbs for you.
Take care and keep smiling.

3.21.08, 9:32 AM
Oops, forgot to mention. The pic is my daughter, Dee (Deirdre), she is 16 and an absolute Gem. Got a great sense of humour, and always top of the class. She finishes school end of next year and is wanting to study Zoo-ology. Is very bright and aiming for a scholarship.

3.21.08, 11:12 AM
Lyn..what a beautiful daughter!!! I am sure your other daughter is just as beautiful...you'll have to post her pic soon too. I'm off to work soon. Working late today. Here's hoping everyone has a blessed Easter!

P.S. You have every right to be proud of Dee...she's got her priorities straight and doing well in school..way to go!!

3.21.08, 6:34 PM
Well lynjay I do have to say you have a beautiful daughter! I'm so glad you posted her picture. So you might take a drive up the coast? That sounds like fun. Hope you are having a good Holiday so far. I love Good Friday and also Easter weekend. It is showing signs of spring here and staying warm again. Take care!:winkq:

Well thanks for the well wishes and guess what? I did find a place to live! It's not a house though. In fact it's actually a job too! I will be working for a place called Value pack and what it does is it is a place that offers small kitchenette rooms for only $209 a week! Pretty cheap if you are traveling or need a place to stay I suppose. Any ways I will have my own little kitchenette and be cleaning the rooms. It's brand new and just opening. In fact they aren't even done with contruction yet! So I will get a place to live and won't have to pay rent. But also get paid $300.00 a week! Who can beat that? I can't! I'm so excited! I forgot to ask if it has benefits, but hopefully it does! Well I will have to put all my stuff in storage but found a place to do that too! So I'm all set! Wow can't believe it and the best part is it is close to my College and within walking distance! Woot! So good news all around. So have a great weekend!:)

3.23.08, 10:24 PM
Julie..we've already chatted about this, and I'm happy for you! Didn't know it was a brand new place!! Good...you'll have a brand new clean room to live in!! Glad you found a place to store your things too..and walking distance to your school!! Great deal..God is good!!

3.24.08, 8:39 AM
Well you know I have no wheels right now so will have to take the bus all week. That kind of sucks but oh well. I have to do what I have to do to work right? Need that money! Any ways up early to get ready to hit the bus stop and then the long drive down to work etc. Wish me luck!:winkq: