View Full Version : Good Thursday to all

3.20.08, 10:49 AM
I am about to head to work..even though I don't want to go. But feeling better finally. Just blowing my nose a lot..but I'll live. Now hubby and mother in law are sick. Always something around here! Hope everyone has a good day!

3.20.08, 12:34 PM
Good morning Dragsy. Sorry your hubby and mother in-law caught what you had! That is usually what happens isn't it? Well better get them on something to then huh? Well I do hope you all get to feeling better soon! Hope work goes well at work and you manage to last the whole day! Take care!:)

I'm going to be spending the day looking for a place to live. And the bummer is I don't even know if they will take me if I don't have a job! GRRR Susan my friend has really put me in a pickle! I wish she wouldn't have done this to me. Now I'm going to be up the creek if I don't get a job soon. So pray I do! Thanks!:confused:

3.21.08, 12:43 AM
Any luck finding anything today Julie? You and Susan have a talk? Work went alright for me. I coughed some...and yes Terry and mother in law are all taking the cough medicine and cold medicines. They just dont have antibiotics like me. In laws are leaving in the morning..and heading back to Ohio. We went out to dinner tonight. Terry's dad wanted to treat. We had nice steak dinners..yum!!

3.21.08, 7:38 PM
Well Dragsy sounds like you had a nice dinner! Glad you did! Well Susan and I looked on the internet last night for me and found a job where I would work and live there! I got the job! Yay! So go read in Friday's post OK? I'm so excited!! I will be her top House Keeper! I will also get Sundays off! So I can go to church! Talk about a blessing. I will work during the day and go to school at night. So it's perfect! Can't wait to start my new life! I just have to gather boxes now and get packed up and then move everything by March 31st. So my new life begins soon!:p