View Full Version : Happy Over the Hump Day.......

3.19.08, 11:50 AM
Well Today I have an interview and then go check out my financing at Cambridge College! I am so excited! Can't believe that I'm going to College! I am so happy about passing that test and getting in! I can't wait! Well wish me luck on my interview I really need that job. My friend told me last night she is bailing on me and going back to Rawlins. And so I have to get a job and then get an apartment! Take care and have a great Wednesday all.:winkq:

3.19.08, 11:09 PM
Julie..we chat on msn..so you know already I'm praying for your situation. Hang in there hon...something good will happen!

3.20.08, 11:35 AM
Thanks For your prayers Dragsy I really need them I know God is on my side. He even made sure I had money again! Now If I can just get a job I'll be fine.:winkq: