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3.19.08, 10:53 AM
Lynda Hirsch spoilers for week of 3/24

PASSIONS: Fancy lays down the law to Pretty and Sheridan Luis is hers and she's prepared to fight for him, no matter who that may be with. Fancy and Luis dance the tango, trying to create their own memories. Fancy shocks Luis when she tells him she wants to have his baby now! Pretty vows to destroy Fancy and take Luis as her own, even if it means killing her sister. Sheridan, however, refuses to be an accomplice to Pretty's murderous plan and hopes her history with Luis will be enough for her to reclaim his love. Ivy's heart breaks for Ethan as he tells her that he'll never love Gwen the way he loved Theresa. Ivy tries to convince her son to move on and create a life with Gwen. Ethan calls out Theresa's name while making love to Gwen, bringing their session to a definitive halt. Theresa talks to Father Lonigan in the church confessional, relating the story of her last few months. She knows for the safety of her family she must stay away from Ethan and remain "dead."

SNEAK PEEK: Pretty turns ugly.

3.19.08, 11:16 AM
Fancy wants to make her OWN memories; by taking Shuis' tango. Grow up Fancy, you must be really threatened by Sheridan!

3.19.08, 4:17 PM
So does Father Lonigan recognize Theresa's voice, and therefore know she is alive? He always recognizes everyone's voice..... Where does she plan on hiding out at once she is back in Harmony???

I hope Tabitha's vision in the bowl with T coming in during the vow renewal is true....although, Tabby was making reference to Stars and Stripes and Rockets Bursting in Air - I hope they don't drag this out until the 4th of July, which is my prediction.

3.21.08, 2:31 PM
I thought Tabby was referring to Theresa making it through the rocket exploding on the boat she and Pilar were on, jmho.