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3.18.08, 10:16 AM
Hope's couldn't care less about Chelsea and it just cracks me up. It's almost as if you can read her thoughts. "Chelsea has to save Bo's life (too bad if she dies in the process)." Of course I completely agree with her but it's funny how she doesn't care about that girl. I was so angry at Kate and Shawn defending her yesterday. I wanted Victor to go in there and rip her a new one. I never understood how Bo and Hope could ever forgive her for killing Zack. That makes no sense to me. If Zack were around today I'm sure he'd be in college with the rest of them anyway.

3.19.08, 1:09 PM
I don't get this "poor little Chelsea" stuff that they are all claiming right now. Yes, she's sorry that she got drunk and her dad could die because of it, but isn't she always sorry? I just hate how she's going to be the hero in all of this.

3.19.08, 3:07 PM
I know. "I'm sorry I killed Zack." "I'm sorry I killed Ford." "I'm sorry I got drunk and now my dad could die." She's a total waste of space. Somone on the old board said the actress was doing a great job. I so disagree. She has one emotion - self-pity. And she mumbles. I can't stand to hear her talk. I am unimpressed with her acting skills.

3.27.08, 9:12 AM
ITA Agent99 and KrisMich!!