View Full Version : I PRAY we won't be robbed of some Ciara, Doug & Julie bonding scenes! *Spoiler-ish*

6.2.07, 3:47 AM
Ok, so Doug and Julie are returning to Salem to help with this Brady/DiMera feud somehow.

Wouldn't it be awesome to get some Doug, Julie and Ciara bonding time as well? ONscreen NOT off?

I would love to see them go ga-ga over their beautiful new grand-daughter! I hope they bring her LOTS of presents and spoil the Little Princess rotten!!

I'm not gonna fool myself though. :( We couldn't be THAT lucky. Atleast not anymore. :(

6.2.07, 9:10 PM
Oh, so Doug and Julie are coming back. I always love them and hope they stay for awhile.

Thanks! CJ

6.3.07, 5:54 PM
I'd love to see them bonding, too. They should show at least a little of that on screen, but I'd much rather see Hope in this huge summer storyline. :D

6.4.07, 1:30 PM
There are so many people involved in this summer crap that I don't think they will have much air time. Hopefully what air time they have will be good scenes with her