View Full Version : Happy ST. Patricks day......

3.17.08, 10:58 AM
Well I'm typing in Green today for obvious reasons! LOL Cause it's St. Patricks Day! What do you do for this special day? Me I just usually wear green and eat some Irish type food have even been known to make it my self! Well it snowed here so a bad day for getting out but I must to look for a job and soon a place to live too! Take care!:winkq:

3.17.08, 12:10 PM
HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO ALL. Julie..good idea typing in green!!

3.17.08, 12:15 PM
Happy St.Patrick's Day to you too! We usually have corned beef and cabbage and I make a green jello for dessert.
we are having a rainy and stormy day. It's still dark out. Be careful when you go out in this weather. Have a great day!

3.17.08, 12:22 PM
Happy St.Patricks Day to you too Dragsy. I didn't mean to forget ya! Lol Happy St.Patrick's day to everyone! I would write in green but have no clue how to do it!Lol

3.17.08, 4:06 PM
I'm not cooking an Irish dinner..or nothing green. Wait a minute..yes, I am. Green beans..LOL. But other than that..it's a normal pork chop meal..lol. I don't know if I mentioned in another thread..think I forgot. But I'm sick with a sinus infection...and couldn't get in to see the dr. till tomorrow morning. I coughed for about two hours after going to bed..kept poor hubby up. If I'm like that tonight..I'll sleep on the couch. I woke up with my eyes (under and above) all puffed up and my whole face hurts!! (sinus pressure). I'm taking over the counter meds..till I see the dr. Oh..I am cheating some...taking some of Austin's cough medicine with codeine...just taking a larger dose. I wish I would have had some of that last night.

3.17.08, 7:03 PM
Well Was a busy day went out and looked for a job at two places but still no luck! I do have an appointment with Cambridge tomorrow and hopefully they can get me started on some type of career training and perhaps even a training type job! So that is a start right? Well We are having some green too! LOL Just Chicken Stir fry and then some rice but it's got green peppers in it haha! Not much else but going to try and get some stuff done around here tonight and go to bed at a decent hour to get up early for my appointment!:blush2ey:

Dragsy you sound like me! Just having a normal dinner. The sun is shining again too and melting the snow so yay!:p

Coffenut glad your enjoying today good to see you post! Enjoy your Irish Meal OK? Take care !:)