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3.17.08, 4:01 AM
Hi there. Been busy with kids this weekend. Took them to movies (Jumper) in Grahamstown on Saturday (60km from where we live) and really enjoyed it. We don't have a Cinema in our little town, so it quite a treat to go. There are plans to build a Mall here this year, so hopefully will have our own Cinema soon, although it is quite nice for the kids to be so excited about going to movies when they can't just pop down the road each time. Anyway, had a great day and enjoyed the time out.
This morning has been quite hectic with having to do flowers for the school reception, forgetting to pay for the hockey tour!!! (got it paid on time eventually) and getting the housework done. Anyway, got a bit of time now to try and organise the rest of the day. School holidays start next week and hoping to drive to Cape town (1000km) to visit my Sister, will be great to see her again. Also have friends from Aussie going to Cape Town, so will get to see them also. Very exciting. Hope your days are going well, and keep smiling.
Have a good day.

3.17.08, 10:54 AM
Well Lynjay glad you got to go to the movies! Sounds like you had a blast. Yep it will be nice when you get your own but for now I'm sure your enjoying the trip etc. Hope you have a good time going to see your sister too! I'm sure it's going to be a nice trip as well. Nothing like a Holiday to put one right again eh? Well take care and it's snowing here again. So no warm temperatures here yet! :winkq:

3.17.08, 12:15 PM
Hi Lynjay..good to see your picture here! I'll have to post one of myself soon. How many children do you have? How old are they? And this must be your handsome husband in the picture with you huh? So nice to actually see faces with the names of people I meet on here!! I'm sick today..actually been sick..but today's it's worse. Called my dr's office..but he won't be in till after noon today. So waiting by the phone. Hoping he'll just call prescriptions in and I won't have to go in. I have a bad sinus infection. My whole face hurts. I coughed all night. Poor hubby didn't get much sleep I'm sure. I know I didn't!! I have bad congestion too. Tis the season in good old Louisiana! Julie..best of luck job hunting and all.

3.17.08, 4:07 PM
oops..I forgot and repeated some of this about my sickness in another thread..my bad!!! I forgot!! I don't want to sound like a whiny baby!!! LOL

3.17.08, 7:05 PM
LOL Dragsy well hon I know your not feeling well so your allowed right? Just get better OK? Take care!:winkq: