View Full Version : Why is DOOL making it look like Chelsea is Bo's ONLY daughter? **HUGE RANT**

3.16.08, 12:35 PM
For heaven's sake! She's NOT!!

**NEWSFLASH!** Bo has another daughter, who (unlike Chelsea), was very much wanted and wished for for a long time. A daughter who Bo shares with the TRUE love of his life (Hope - whom every other woman Bo has been with have failed miserably to replace in Bo's heart and soul).

It is absolutely disgusting how this bayou orphan conceived out of pity sex and whom Bo didn't even want or wasn't even happy about (and I'm not going by re-re-written history here) who everyone had forgotten all about until one day she suddenly popped up out of nowhere as a heartless homewrecker is being pushed so hard as some insta God given savior.

Hows about a storyline that focuses on Bo AND HOPE'S D-A-U-G-H-T-E-R for a change? I don't care what it would entail, just as long as Ciara gets more quality airtime and does not get killed off, I'm game.

Oh and spare me the 'child labor laws' song and dance. I don't buy it. People would forget Claire even exists if such a thing were really that strict.

Can't Chelsea go have her own storyline and live out the rest of her miserable existance elsewhere (like timbuktu)? No. She needs to be patted on the back constantly and Bo and Hope end up being dragged into her adolescent drama just so she could scrap up more pity.

If TPTB honestly think Bo and Hope (or their fans for that matter) owe Chelsea anything after this then they really are deluding themselves.

Here's a little tip to TPTB: If you've tried to fit a halo around Chelsea's head the first time and it was a flop, it'll be a flop any other time.

I hope there's a light at the end of this Chelsea pampering tunnel. I've had enough of this drivel to last me a lifetime. The pimping is getting real old real fast.

3.16.08, 12:43 PM
Bravo! Bravo! Chelsea needs to pack up and go. Hey, that rhyms. We can use it as a chant.

3.17.08, 12:30 PM
Chelsea is a useless character. She's done nothing good on the show. Killed Zack, killed Ford Decker and tried to cover it up. Kept Bo and Hope apart with lies, you name it. She's worthless.

3.17.08, 9:43 PM
Wouldn't it be great if she died saving Bo!! I know wishful thinking. I guess this is their way of making her look like the saint. I STILL can't stand this chick. I understand them making it all about her because the other child (what the heck is her name?) is not old enough to actually donate. Oh and just to clarify Chelsea was wanted very much so thats kinda harsh to say.

3.30.08, 2:57 PM
Wasn't that were Shawn and Abby etc were always being sent
when they were kids before they were on frequently enough to
be aged? I've seen five year olds that are smarter than some
of DOOL's writers. Nobody could possibly be as bad as Tom L
angan, an era I'm sure most of us would rather blank from our
memories, but this is rediculous. I think the writers need to
get lives but if they don't 'get' why the viewers make so many
posts about their lack of attention to details, no one expects
them to.

3.30.08, 6:25 PM
Yep, I remembered they packed away will too....and belle...

3.30.08, 11:24 PM
camp and she'll come back like eighteen like they did with
Brady? Shawn and Abby were close enough in age to date
if they were aged, Abby wasn't too much younger but BELLE
was like pre-school age, and they aged Abby younger, like
ten years ago Abby was about ten years old then she was
like five when she came back and Belle was fifteen, wasnt
Shawn like twelve/thirteen before he was aged? and Belle/
Shawn are married with a kid? These writers need a life.