View Full Version : Good thought...

3.15.08, 12:28 PM
Maybe Chelsea will die during surgery (for real this time!). That's one funeral I'd love to watch and I wouldn't shed a tear.

3.16.08, 12:21 AM
dang!! you're cold. lmao...

Ok I did want to slap the crap out of her during Friday's show for getting drunk and whiney.

3.17.08, 1:34 PM
But, sadly, Chelsea will be the hero in the end by saving Bo's life.

I could have slapped the soup out of her when she was passed out on that park bench on Friday. Worthless! She's just plain worthless.

3.17.08, 1:39 PM
I havent watched much of Days since October but I got to watch it Friday- and I have to say that Chelsea was pretty pathetic that day. Always seems to be looking for a pity party. Poor me, all this bad happens because of me. Yep- it does- so just hit the road Jack! It angers me so much that characters like Belle and Shawn are leaving and stupid characters like Chelsea, Stephanie(I seriously CANNOT stand her!!) Chloe, and all the other useless storylineless characters are still around.

3.17.08, 1:50 PM
Not to even mention Ava. Jeepers, like we need another psychopath in Salem. This story is going to get old really quick.