View Full Version : Good Thursday or is it?.........

3.13.08, 1:11 PM
I'm beginning to wonder what is next. No just kidding, but I did wake up with a nasty sinus headache and my nose bleeding this morning so not good right? I'm not trying to wine but a little down right now hoping today or tomorrow has got to get better! Can't get any worse right? Well hope all of you are having a nice Thursday!:)

3.14.08, 12:28 AM
I should be in bed already..but thought I'd check in here first. Good chatting with you this evening on msn Julie. I'm keeping you in prayer. Things will look better. Hang in there. And so sorry you are sick.

3.14.08, 3:22 PM
Thanks Dragsy. By evening I was doing a lot better the headache went away at least! I am sure things will get better! Take care!:winkq: