View Full Version : Bronzers?

6.1.07, 3:43 PM
I was reading this article that gives a bunch of reviews on different types of bronzers: http://www.savvymiss.com/reviews/must-have-products/must-have-products-archives/article/the-best-bronzers-for-summer-1128.html

Has anyone tried any of these? What kind of bronzer is good for olive-toned skin? My skin tends to get oily, so I'm looking for a bronzer that won't get it even more oily :-)

6.1.07, 5:25 PM
I'm not much help, I'm afraid... I'm totaly opposite, pale and dry skin. But I love the Benefit powders. I'm sure the Hoola would look like I had dirt smudged on my face, just too much color for me. I've used Dandelion, same product but way lighter. The texture is nice and you can't feel it on your face at all.

Have you tried any of the lotions that bronze gradually? I think they have a pretty good rep, not like the old self tanners. But not sure if they would be a problem for oily skin.

Maybe someone else will know more.

6.5.07, 1:50 AM
A BUNCH of gals are using the slower tanning lotions this summer and loving it. I must say they all look fantastic. Sadly, I'm far too impatient for this process but man does it look good.