View Full Version : To Lynjay

3.13.08, 12:41 AM
I sent you a private message...did you get it?

3.13.08, 4:23 AM
found it. Tell me, where do I put pics, in my profile? excuse the stupid question, but not too clued up.

3.13.08, 10:05 AM
I put mine in the avatar setting. Go to the top where it says set your options..click on that..and go from there. Do you have a photobucket acct or something similar where you save photos?

3.13.08, 10:17 AM
P.S. I'll post a pic of myself here soon. I'm having problems with the photobucket today. Grrr.

3.17.08, 4:51 AM
Hi Dragonmom.
Am struggling with photos. Have quite a few on my facebook if u can get to it. Account : Lynne Christie Ellis - Zimbabwe Network. Also trying to set up flickr account. Let me know if u can access the facebook profile.

3.17.08, 8:51 AM
Hey, managed to put this pic on of Dave and myself! Bit hard to see, but not many photo's of myself lying around (hate having pic taken). Will change regularly so u will get to see my two kids also.

3.17.08, 1:17 PM
Oh..I just asked in another thread how many children you have. Two huh? Yeah..would love to see their pics too. I see you figured out how to post the pics then huh?

3.17.08, 8:07 PM
Well sounds nice! I like your picture by the way! I will try and check out your facebook if I can access it. Take care!:winkq: